Saints faced grim days of persecution

The following information includes key events that took place during the period of persecution of Latter-day Saints in Missouri and their expulsion from that state.

July 20, 1833 - W.W. Phelps' print shop in Independence destroyed, press broken, printing type scattered, proof sheets of Book of Commandments piled up to be burned.Nov. 1, 1833 - Church members in Independence attacked.

Nov. 6-7, 1833 - Main body of the Church forced to flee Jackson County into Clay County.

May 1, 1834 - Day appointed to begin Zion's Camp march.

June 22, 1834 - Zion's Camp disbanded without restoring property in Jackson County to the Saints.

Oct. 25, 1838 - Battle at Crooked River took place.

Oct. 27, 1838 - Missouri Gov. Lilburn W. Boggs issued an order to "exterminate" the Mormons or drive them from the state.

Oct. 30, 1838 - Haun's Mill massacre; 17 Church members killed, another 13 wounded.

Oct. 30-Nov. 6, 1838 - Siege of Far West; Joseph Smith and others delivered into the hands of Gen. Lucas of the mob militia.

Jan. 29, 1839 - While Joseph Smith and five others were in Liberty Jail (they had been sentenced after a sham of a trial), Brigham Young organized a committee on the removal of the Saints from Missouri.

February 1839 - Large-scale migration from Missouri began.

March 22, 1839 - Joseph Smith wrote from Liberty Jail urging Saints not to scatter.

April 22, 1839 - Joseph Smith arrived in Quincy, Ill., after months of imprisonment in Missouri.

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