New stake presidencies

Six new stakes have been created, three in Brazil and one each in Chile, Colombia and Taiwan.

The Belem Brazil Cidade Nova Stake, which includes the Agulha, Cidade Nova, Coqueiro, Icoaraci and Maracacuera wards, has been created by Elder Iraja B. Soares, Area Authority Seventy.The Bogota Colombia Tunjuelito Stake has been created by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy. The new stake includes the La Candelaria, La Victoria, Quiroga, Tunjuelito and Venecia wards, and the Atenas, El Virrey, La Estrella, Las Colinas and Los Molinos branches.

The Fortaleza Brazil Litoral Stake, which includes the Alvaro Wayne, Beira Mar, Beira Rio, Boatan, Cidade Oeste, Floresta, Jardim Guanabara and Jardim Iracema wards, has been created by Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy.

The Recife Brazil Caxanga Stake, which includes the Bom Pastor, Cordeiro, San Martin, Ur-Sete and Varzea wards, has been created by Elder Dallas N. Archibald of the Seventy.

The San Felipe Chile Stake, which includes the Almendral, Estacion, Las Coimas, Llay-Llay and San Felipe wards, and the Encon and La Escuadra branches, has been created by Elder F. Melvin Hammond of the Seventy.

The Tainan Taiwan Stake has been created by Elder Kwok Yuen Tai of the Seventy. It includes the Chia Yi 1st and 2nd, and Talnan 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th wards, and the Hsin Ying Branch.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, Canada, Chile, Colombia, Peru and Samoa, and in Arizona, Georgia and Mississippi.

New stakes

BELEM BRAZIL CIDADE NOVA STAKE: (June 22, 1997) Created from the Belem Brazil Cabanagem Stake. President - Wenceslau Wilson da Costa Coelho, 32, business representative for Casa Santos; wife, Vanya do Socorro Ferreira de Coelho. Counselors - Sergio Ivan de Souza Olivera, 29, business owner; wife, Audineia Rodrigues de Oliveira. Mateus Carlos Rizato, 33, chauffeur for Martins E. Rosa Ltda.; wife, Christian Elizabeth Ferreira de Rizato.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA TUNJUELITO STAKE: (June 22, 1997) Created from the Bogota Colombia Ciudad Jardin Stake. President - Douglas Fabian Saaredra L., 37, assistant administrator for Thimberlin Bicycles; wife, Rosa Elena Nova de Saavedra. Counselors - Jose Andres Bermudez S., 24, distribution manager and business assessor for Naturist Laboratories; wife, Tania Maria Ospino J. de Bermudez. Daniel Parada L., 30, plant operator for Artiacero Industries; wife, Nohord Linda Angulo G. de Parada.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL LITORAL STAKE: (June 22, 1997) Created from the Fortaleza Brazil West Stake. President - Miguel Alves dos Santos, 58, electrician for Servitec; wife, Francisca de Oliveira Dornel de Santos. Counselors - Helio Jose Kucmanski, 39, editor for Banrisul; wife, Rosany Angels Fernandes Vicia de Kucmanski. Paulo Cesar Beltrao de Queiroz, 27, supply officer for government; wife, Paula Junes Da Silva de Queiroz.

RECIFE BRAZIL CAXANGA STAKE: (June 22, 1997) Created from the Camaragibe Brazil Stake. President - Altair Rogue da Silva, 37, consultant for city of Prefeitura; wife, Vaneide A. de Melo de Silva. Counselors - Ivan Lima dos Santos, 34, accountant; wife, Cremilda Fernandes de Oliveira de Santos. Juvandir Lima da Silva, 35, claims processor; wife, Ivone Maria Menezer de Silva.

SAN FELIPE CHILE STAKE: (July 6, 1997) Created from the Los Andes Chile Stake. President - Alejandro Ernesto Astete F., 30, self-employed security guard; wife, Maritza Del Carmen Ramirez P. de Astete. Counselors - Manuel Jesus Labra M., 30, assistant electrician for Exp. Cabrini Hnos. S.A.; wife, Gloria Iris Sepulveda F. de Labra. Jose Antonio Gallardo M., 40, warehouseman for C.M.D. (Serlot); wife, Liliana Patricia Eyzaguirre F. de Gallardo.

TAINAN TAIWAN STAKE: (June 15, 1997) Created from the Tainan Taiwan District. President - Hsin-Chin Chen, 52, president of Ritad Ind. Co. Ltd; wife, Dao-Kugi Chen. Counselors - Shih-Chi Tsai, 36, manager for Shi Da Dz Pir Corp; wife, Hui Mei, Huang Tsai. Kuo-Hsing Pao, 54, secretary for Tung-Kuang Enterprises Co. Ltd.; wife, Li-Seng Ting Pao.

Stake reorganizations

BELEM BRAZIL CABANAGEM STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Jaime Carneiro Costa, retained. Counselors - Edmundo Leite Filho, retained. Antonio Elias Cunha Silva, 32, salesman; wife, Waldulene Santos de Silva.

BOGOTA COLOMBIA CIUDAD JARDIN STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Carlos Arturo Ospina M., 34, distribution agent for Church area office; succeeding Douglas Fabian Saavedra Lesmes; wife, Aixa Zoraida Canas G. de Ospina. Counselors - Jorge Eduardo Trujillo H., 38, membership supervisor for Church regional office; wife, Jeannette Patricia Medina S. de Trujillo. Nestor Gorardo Contreras M., 37, partner, systems manager and business assessor for Porvenir S.A.; wife, Martha Liliana Muneton M. de Contreras.

CAMARAGIBE BRAZIL STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Wilson Gonclaves do Nascimento; 38, director of community relations; succeeding Altair Rogue Da Silva; wife, Tatiana Barbosa dos Santos de Nascimento. Counselors - Romildo Vitoino Santos, 30, police security courier; wife, Vanga Eunha Oliveira de Santos. Josival Josias da Silva, 26, supermarket administrator; wife, Regina Albino da Silva.

CHILLAN CHILE NUBLE STAKE: (July 13, 1997) President - Luis Vladimir Monsalve A., 31, self-employed topographer; succeeding Carlos Clenardo Ortiz Ruilar; wife, Alejandra Jacqueline Villablanca Z. de Monsalve. Counselors - Mario Jaime Saez S., 37, owner of bakery shop; wife, Gladys Del Carmen Troncoso S. de Saez. Guillermo Enrique Arenas T., 32, printer for Impresora Nuble Company; wife, Leontina Guajardo E. de Arenas.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL WEST: (June 22, 1997) President - Joao Bosco Pereira Castro, retained. Counselors - Luis Nogueira Filho, 47, banker; wife, Maria Marleide Ribeiro de Filho. Jose Venceslau de Sousa Jr., retained.

GULFPORT MISSISSIPPI STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Barry Lynn Griggs, 47, owner of Griggs Construction Co. Inc.; succeeding Richard Daniel Sones; wife, Kim Callahan Griggs. Counselors - Bruce W. Richardson, 45, dentist; wife, Jean Denel Nielsen Richardson. William Dale Sowers, 55, senior customer service engineer for NCR Corp.; wife Betty Maxine Taylor Sowers.

KINGSLAND GEORGIA STAKE: (Aug. 10, 1997) President - James Grant Shuman Jr., 51, computer specialist for Department of Defense; succeeding Richard M. Padgett Sr.; wife, Donna Kathaleene Pittman Shuman. Counselors - Dale G. McCullers, 49, special agent for U. S. Naval intelligence; wife, Charlotte Nell Evans McCullers. Edwin Z. Perez, 46, collection specialist for Crowley American Transport; wife, Katherine Francis McDavid Perez.

LIMA PERU VILLA MARIA STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Isidoro Araujo V., 37, employed in confectionary business; succeeding Hilario Antenor Lastra Bravo; wife, Melba Rosa Arce B. de Araujo. Counselors - Reynaldo Fabian Cordova V., 32, self-employed jeweller; wife, Ruth Portocarrero M. de Cordova. Silver Johnny Sumoso T., 44, cleaning supply salesman; wife, Yrene Olga Ordonez M. de Sumoso.

MONTREAL QUEBEC MOUNT ROYALE STAKE: (June 22, 1997) President - Philip L. Collins, 47, division manager for Aluminum Co. of America; succeeding Thomas Lamar Wilde; wife, Tricia Larson Collins. Counselors - Walter J. Svenson, 57, self-employed management consultant; wife, Sherry Janeen Ower Svenson. Eldridge S. Greaves, 54, works in marketing for Shaver Kudell Manufacturing Inc.; wife, Agnes O. Downs Greaves.

UPOLU SAMOA EAST STAKE: (July 6, 1997) President - Leafi Talataina, 28, police officer; succeeding Ioane Sua; wife, Siniua Heka Talataina. Counselors - Faiva Seu Faamanu, 58, self-employed farmer; wife, Olevia Brown Faamanu. Peleiupu Youn Yen, 40, self-employed carpenter; wife, Diana Key Young Yen.

WINSLOW ARIZONA STAKE: (Aug. 10, 1997) President - Richard Quention Miller, 46, administrative manager for Arizona Public Service; succeeding Gary D. Jewett; wife, Linda Lee Fairbanks Miller. Counselors - Michael Thomas Hancock, 38, owner and general contractor of Dale's Custom Building Inc.; wife, Sheila Marie Crosser Hancock. Marshall Delon Larsen, 43, electrician for Hancock Electric; Susan Elaine Hancock Larsen.

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