New stake presidencies

The Brooklyn New York Stake has been created by Elder Jay E. Jensen of the Seventy. The new stake includes the Bensonhurst, Midwood 1st, Midwood 2nd (Spanish), Park Slope and Staten Island 1st wards, and the Dyker Heights 1st (Spanish), Dyker Heights 3rd (Spanish), Dyker Heights 4th (Chinese), Staten Island 2nd and Staten Island 3rd (Spanish) branches.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Canada, Japan and the Philippines, and in Arizona, Utah and Washington.NEW STAKE

BROOKLYN NEW YORK STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) Created from the Brooklyn New York District. President -- Alejandro Ernesto Soffiantini, 36, New York project manager of meetinghouse facilities for Church; wife, Lissette Batres Soffiantini. Counselors -- Mark Eliot Butler, 44, attorney; wife, Deanna Lynn Nish Butler. Jeff Victor Nelson, 42, attorney and vice president and counsel for Westdeutsche Landesbank; wife, Janet Matthews Nelson.


CABANATUAN PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Sept. 13, 1998) President -- Antomacito Roxas Aguilar, 30, part-time instructor at CLPC-College of Education and part-time custodian for Cabanatuan Philippines Stake, succeeding Manuel G. Garcia; wife, Victoria Lorenzo Nava Aguilar. Counselors -- Danilo Vilar Maglatang, 46, project inspector for Church Area office; wife, Concepcion Andres Rayos Maglatang. Daniel Balatayo Belderol, 67, driver for Alaska Trading Co. Inc.; wife, Esparanza Ignacio Ramos Belderol.

CADIZ PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Nov. 8, 1998) President -- Jose Pana Zulueta, 60, retired property custodian for Church Area office, succeeding Jessie L. Lozano; wife, Dolores Espino Bac Zulueta. Counselors -- Hare Santiago Magsipoc, 47, self-employed public and private land surveyor; wife, Violenda Losaria Legario Magsipoc. Antonio Valderrama Esmolo, 37, teacher; wife, Veronica Cabahug Alojado Esmolo.

KUMAMOTO JAPAN STAKE: (Nov. 8, 1998) President -- Kozo Tashiro, 51, insurance agent for American Family Life Assurance Co., succeeding Mitsunori Sumiya; wife, Akiko Imamura Tashiro. Counselors -- Etsuro Tomomatsu, 42, insurance agent for American Family Assurance Co.; wife, Michiyo Kori Tomonatsu. Jerald J. Rogers Jr., 34, self-employed professional translator; wife, Akiko Fukaya Rogers.

MONTREAL QUEBEC MOUNT ROYALE STAKE: (Nov. 15, 1998) President -- Walter James Svenson, 58, president of Pierrefonds Consulting, succeeding Philip Lavon Collins; wife, Sherry Janeen Oler Svenson. Counselors -- Donald Albert Farrow, 55, retired director and superintendent of Prescott & Russell County Board of Education; wife, Annette Marie Comeau Farrow. Jay Alexander Glowa, 31, accountant and regional business systems manager for Willis Corroon; wife, Fatima Da Conceigaa Lopes-Braz Glowa.

NAGOYA JAPAN STAKE: (Nov. 8, 1998) President -- Hiroyasu Ito, 42, managing director for Itou Kinzoku Com., succeeding Tosihide Tsukahara; wife, Hiromi Nishio Ito. Counselors -- Shinobu Hisaka, retained. Akio Tsurugi, 43, employed by Toumei Bankin; wife, Kazuko Syunsaku Tsurugi.

NAGOYA JAPAN WEST STAKE: (Nov. 8, 1998) President -- Yasuo Gotou, 41, technical supervisor for Rico Techno Net Inc.; succeeding Hiroyasu Ito; wife, Mayumi Yamashita Gotou. Counselors -- Tomohiko Horiguchi, retained. Toshiyuki Matsui, 47, new recruit training research worker for Aichi Prefecture Education Center; wife, Hideko Yamamoto Matsui.

OREM UTAH ASPEN STAKE: (Nov. 21, 1998) President -- Michael S. Pratt, 49, Alpine School District principal, succeeding Norman L. Lyde; wife, Teri Nicholls Pratt. Counselors -- Al R. Young, 45, self-employed artist and consultant; wife, Nancy Ann Maas Young. Douglas B. Edwards, 42, Orem city police officer; wife, Lori Lou Elison Edwards.

SANDY UTAH ALTA VIEW STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) President -- Steven R. Kimball, 51, director of communications for O. C. Tanner Company, succeeding Jerry B. Black; wife, Margot Goeller Kimball. Counselors -- Lynn A. Samsel, 51, director of regional operations for Human Services-Utah; wife, Kathleen Ann Zornes Samsel. Dennis J. Wilkinson, 47, electrical engineer at PacifiCorp/Utah Power; wife, Carol Chamberlain Wilkinson.

THATCHER ARIZONA STAKE: (Nov. 22, 1998) President -- Jay Glen Layton, 49, self-employed farmer, succeeding O. Kent Woods; wife, Edith Diane Howard Layton. Counselors -- Brooks N. Bryce, 50, partner at Safford Title Agency; wife, Jeanne Howard Bryce. David Garth Lunt, 55, director of choral activities for Eastern Arizona College; wife, Judy Ann Merrell Lunt.

VANCOUVER WASHINGTON WEST STAKE: (Nov. 15, 1998) President -- J. Kenney McEwan, 56, self-employed physical therapist, succeeding Francis Call Alder; wife,Patricia Ann Papworth McEwan. Counselors -- James R. Leinenbach, 45, vice president of sales and marketing for Northwest Packing Co.; wife,Debra Kay Driver Leinenbach. Richard S. Packard, 47, Vancouver School District teacher; wife, Lori Kay Densley Packard.

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