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25 years ago

A building program at BYU-Hawaii, then known as the Church College of Hawaii, was to include library expansion and additional married-student housing, according to an article in the Feb. 24, 1973, Church News.

CCH Pres. Stephen L. Brower was quoted in the article saying, "The need for expanding our services to the community of Hawaii and the peoples of Polynesia and the Asian Rim has been evident for some time."

The building program was scheduled to begin in spring and last three years.

One of the projects was an addition that would nearly double the capacity of the Ralph Woolley Library. Also, 96 units for married students was planned.

"Major modernization of existing classrooms to better serve present and future students, an expanded cafeteria, and an innovative parent-early childhood education center are also listed in the building plans announced at the college," the article added.

Quote from the past

"I feel that strong national character is more important than strong national economy. I believe if we have strong national character, then strong national economy will follow." - Former Relief Society general president Belle S. Spafford, from a 1973 Church News interview

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