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North America West Area

Day of humanitarian service

SAN JOSE, CALIF. - More than 100 members of the San Jose California South Stake assembled Feb. 28 at the stake center to participate in the Third Annual Daiy of Humanitarian Service.

Adhering to Church Humanitarian Service Project Guidelines, members produced such items as maternity clothing, newborn kits, receiving blankets, crib sheets, hospital gowns and masks, hygiene kits, first aid kits, knitted leprosy bandages, children's clothing, children's slippers, children's wall hangings, stuffed toys and hand puppets, wooden toys, school kits, stocking caps and adult slippers. The items were then shipped to Salt Lake City for distribution to needy people in some 130 countries.

Bishop Gary Sowards of the Almaden 1st Ward said: "Service projects like this teach skills to participants, help develop feelings of loving compassion and generate a spirit of service in all who participate. This has been a good thing for us to do."

Asia North Area

Missionaries are lifesavers

YAMAGUCHI CITY, JAPAN - When two missionaries helped a man out of his burning home recently, their service drew attention from the local media to the Church. An article published in the Japanese newspaper Yomiuri Shinbun reported the efforts of Elder Christian D. Wright of West Point, Utah, and Elder John C. Hecker of Orem, Utah, as they assisted 65-year-old Tayuru Shirai.

While working in the area, the elders noticed a building on fire. They checked to see if everyone in the building had been evacuated, and they found Mr. Shirai. They warned him of the fire and helped him carry some of his belongings out.

In the newspaper article, Mr. Shirai praised the missionaries for their heroism and called them "lifesavers."

Utah South Area

Super Temple Saturday

PROVO, UTAH - Members of the Lakeview 9th Ward, Provo Utah West Stake, organized a "Super Saturday" of temple work recently, by performing temple ordinances for family names of ward members.

In total, 102 people from 54 families participated at the Provo Temple. Young Men and Young Women from the ward began the day by performing 177 baptisms. Initiatory ordinances were performed for 150 names, followed by an endowment session attended by 75 members of the ward. During the afternoon, sealings for 80 couples were performed. One member of the ward was sealed to her deceased father and mother.

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