Temple moments: A selfless service

Arlene Doctor, 83, of the South Ogden 5th Ward, South Ogden Utah Stake, has attended the temple regularly for the past 20 years in a selfless effort to be of service to those beyond the veil. Her husband, Jack, 88, accompanies her to the temple as often as his health permits.

Brother Doctor is a retired railroad man who started his career as a telegrapher for the Southern Pacific in 1929. Being in railroad communications was a demanding job and he often worked seven days a week. An active Protestant in his younger years, he respected the Church but felt attached to his past affiliation, he said. He and Arlene, who often writes songs and poetry for Primary and for friends, were married civilly in 1938."We were very much in love," remembers Sister Doctor. "But at the wedding, something was lacking as far as I was concerned."

He attended meetings occasionally with Sister Doctor, who was active, and enjoyed the services. The Doctors had two daughters and a son who also attended Church with them.

"I prayed every night that his heart would be touched and he would join the Church," she said, "and I promised my Heavenly Father that if I were granted that blessing, I would do as much temple work as I possibly could."

Their son, Gary, served a mission in Ohio-West Virginia from 1972-74. In a family home evening after he returned, recalled Sister Doctor, Gary gave the lesson.

"The tears rolled down his face, and he said, `Dad, I don't want you to join the Church for me or Mother. But I want you to know that eternity will not be very happy for me without you."

Brother Doctor was touched to the point of tears, and he was soon baptized by his son at a well-attended service. A year later, the Doctors were sealed for time and all eternity.

Their temple sealing "was the most wonderful thing that ever happened to me, and I am sure it was for him, too," said Sister Doctor. "May 17, 1977, was special, in a way more so than the first wedding.

"I have kept my commitment to my Heavenly Father for the last 21 years," said Sister Doctor, a faithful patron at the Ogden temple. "I hope to serve the Lord as long as I live."

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