On the bright side

My son Tony is 15 and very short for his age. He has some special needs, but loves to play basketball. Although he can dribble and shoot, he does so at a much slower pace than other boys in our ward.

When it came time for ward basketball season, I tried to warn my son not to get upset if he didn't get to play. But he did get to play, and the boys on his team went out of their way to give Tony the ball and let him have a chance.On one occasion the players on Tony's team gave him the ball, and then protected him so he could dribble down the court and shoot.

Another time when Tony was under the basket, one of his teammates picked him up and held him so that he could shoot. Tony still missed. Then to everyone's surprise, another young man - from the opposing team - picked Tony up so that he could have another opportunity to make the shot. It was a wonderful experience for me, for Tony, and for everyone watching.

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