Statue of Angel Moroni placed on top of temple

Nearly 1,000 people were on hand to watch as the statue of the Angel Moroni was hoisted atop the Monticello Utah Temple May 14. The observers were the first to glimpse a new version of the statue that will be placed on the new, smaller temples.

The new design of the Angel Moroni statue, sculpted by LaVar Wallgren, depicts the ancient prophet in his youth. This fiberglass statue stands 6-feet tall and is white, while previous statues were finished with a gold leaf and stood 12-feet tall, according to Mark Shaffer, project architect for the Church.In the new representation, Moroni is blowing a trumpet in his right hand and holding a scroll in his left. The scroll represents the everlasting gospel spoken of by the Apostle John in the book of Revelation. (See Rev. 14:6.)

Construction is nearing completion on the Monticello temple, the first of the smaller temples. The Monticello temple will serve 14,000 members from five stakes in the remote regions of southeastern Utah.

As many as 50,000 people are expected to converge on Monticello, a community of 2,000, to attend the four-day temple open house from July 15-18. Dedication services are planned July 26-27.

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