Program features Brigham Young home

Brigham Young's best china graced the Beehive House dining-room table - sending a welcome greeting to expected guests.

However, they were not there for dinner. Instead, they wanted to reminisce about dinner parties of the past, dinner parties hosted by the historic home's first owner, Brigham Young.Producers from Cinetel Productions, a cable production company, came to Salt Lake for three days recently to learn about the Church's second president, his pioneering efforts and the house he lived in.

The Beehive House will be featured on the Arts and Entertainment (A&E) Network as part of America's Castles, a series that looks at the architecture and history of some of America's most celebrated homes.

The episode on the Beehive House is scheduled to air Nov. 8.

Cecil Stokes of Cinetel Productions, the production company that produces America's Castles, said the Beehive House was a natural for this episode of the series, which focuses on America's pioneers.

"Brigham Young was a national figure, everyone recognizes his name," he said.

Margaret Adams, Beehive House director, was interviewed by Mr. Stokes for the episode and spoke about the early Church leader, his family and the legacy of the house they left behind.

Mr. Stokes said he was impressed with the house's architecture, including the extensive woodcarvings and three-story staircase.

"We are talking about a house that was built 150 years ago and the craftsmanship is better than the homes we are building in 1998," said Mr. Stokes. "I wish I could have seen this place in its heyday. In 1860 that had to be a spectacular site. It is unfortunate that the home is dwarfed now by its surrounding buildings."

Mr. Stokes said he was also impressed with the authentic furnishings in the house and its immaculate upkeep. "Each and every room has something that is special. You walk through and you don't realize how special each and every piece is," he said. "This house is in incredibly good hands."

Mr. Stokes said Cinetel Productions has high expectations for the show. "This," he said, "will be one of the two best shows of the year."

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