Church requests scripts from writers, composers

For future live theatrical productions, LDS writers and composers are invited to submit script summaries based on four themes approved by the Church and Promised Valley Productions.

The shows will be produced in the 900-seat theater currently under construction adjacent to the Church's new assembly building just north of Temple Square.The themes are: "Christ-Centered Christmas," "In the World But Not of the World," "The Prophet Joseph Smith," and "Pioneer Heritage." According to Promised Valley Productions, visitors to Salt Lake City and Temple Square will be among the intended audience and it should not be assumed that the audience has a broad understanding of the gospel, Church history or the cultural background of the Church.

All theatrical formats - such as drama, comedy, musicals - will be considered. Several contracts on each theme will be offered for script development. Those scripts will then be developed further through workshops, staged readings and preview productions. Promised Valley Productions stated that contracts will be awarded for each phase of the writing process so participants will be compensated for their time and effort.

Script summaries are to be submitted by Jan. 15, 1999. To be included are a brief synopsis of the story, a brief outline of main characters with two or three character synopses, two to three pages of sample dialogue, and lyrics and piano/vocal for at least one song if the production is a musical.

Writers and composers should also include a brief resume, a list of creative works and two or three representative samples of work.

For more information, contact Promised Valley Productions, Church Office Building, 20th Floor, 50 E. North Temple Street, Salt Lake City, Utah 84150, or call (801) 240-6492.

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