Temple moments: Prayer, determination

In June 1997, nine of the 11 active adult members of the Busselton Branch, Perth Australia Rockingham Stake - located in the far corner of western Australia - made the commitment to attend the Sydney Australia Temple the following year.

"Within a month of making that commitment, things happened that might have prevented us from going," said Marilyn Domroe, branch Relief Society president."In July, one of the sisters in the branch in her mid-70s suffered a stroke. Later, another sister came down with a serious bout of pneumonia.

"Then our branch president, Charles Roper, broke his back while surfing, and another sister was stricken with a serious gall bladder condition. Everyone of us experienced setbacks that reduced our savings for our intended trip."

However, she said, as branch members met these challenges with prayer and determination to "honor our commitment, the blessings came."

A less-active member was reactivated. A young couple from Perth moved into the branch.

Prayers, love and healing blessings, plus professional care, helped the women in the branch who had suffered from medical problems. Pres. Roper also recovered sufficiently to make the trip.

Branch members saved every cent they could. Some took part-time jobs to replace savings ravaged by unexpected medical expenses.

On March 22, 1998, the group set off on their vast journey. First they traveled - some by car, some by bus - the 145 miles from Busselton to Perth. Then they boarded an airplane and flew the 2,800 miles from Western Australia to New South Wales. At the Sydney Airport, they boarded a bus and rode the 45 miles to the Sydney Australia Temple.

Three sisters received their own endowments, while the rest did family file work. The party of nine - between the ages of 50 and 76 - participated in three endowment sessions daily, as well as in baptisms, initiatories and sealings, during the four days at the temple.

"It was difficult to leave the temple. But we will return, and with Heavenly Father's guidance, we will overcome any obstacle that Satan puts in our path to prevent us from honoring our commitment," said Sister Domroe.

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