Spotlight on historic sites

Golden Pass Toll Road

The Golden Pass Toll Road, explored and built by Parley P. Pratt, was widely used from 1850-1869 by thousands of pioneer immigrants, gold seekers bound for California, Pony Express riders, overland stage coaches and soldiers. A monument to the road was dedicated in 1992. Sponsored by the Pioneer Heritage Chapter of the Sons of the Utah Pioneers, the monument is located at the corner of 2000 East and Stratford Avenue in Salt Lake City in a park near the mouth of Parley's Canyon. The toll for traveling the road was 75 cents for a two-horse outfit, 10 cents for each additional pack or saddle animal, and 1 cent per head for herd stock. As evidence of the pioneer leader's foresight, the route of the Golden Pass Toll Road is now the route of the major east-west freeway, I-80.

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