Christ's light 'can spiritually, physically sustain us'

The light of Christ is stronger than any darkness that one may face in life, Sister Virginia U. Jensen, first counselor in the Relief Society general presidency, said Sunday morning.

This light comes, she added, if one has faith in Him, seeks after Him and obeys Him. She quoted a revelation given through the Prophet Joseph Smith that if "your eye be single to my glory, your whole bodies shall be filled with light, and there shall be no darkness in you." (Doctrine and Covenants 88:67.)

Sister Jensen continued: "Christ's light and the gospel message of light and salvation can be darkened in our own lives only by our disobedience and lack of faith. In like manner the Savior's light increases in our lives as we keep the commandments and strive continually to be like Him.

"As the light of Jesus Christ and His gospel grows brighter within our countenances and our hearts, it becomes easier for us to discern what is truly valuable from the counterfeits the world offers. Knowledge that Christ loved us enough to willingly bear the weight of our sins removes the need for pride and an unwarranted trust in the arm of flesh. Belief that the Atonement restores to us all we lose to sin, and missteps along life's path creates a hope greater than any temporal pleasure or momentary mortal thrill."

Throughout the scriptures and in the writings of thoughtful Christians through the centuries, "we find examples of how Christ's message of light and salvation can spiritually and physically sustain us," Sister Jensen added.

"We can all find ourselves in places of darkness from time to time. We may wander into dark, spiritual caverns when we make foolish choices. . . . But before we know it, we become separated from the light and left in darkness alone. Why do we remain in darkness when such rescuing light awaits us? Let us bask in the warm and illuminating light provided by the gospel of Jesus Christ. Let the Savior's kindly light lead us one step at a time. Let covenants and commandments keep us safe as we follow the gospel pathway to our heavenly home.

"Amidst encircling gloom, amidst the darkest possible circumstances, it is possible to feel hope, peace and comfort — all because of the light which is stronger than all darkness, the light of Jesus Christ."

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