Ground broken for temple in Lubbock despite rainy day

LUBBOCK, Texas — Comparing breaking ground for a temple to breaking ground for a family home, Elder Rex D. Pinegar turned the first ceremonial shovelful of soil for the Lubbock Texas Temple Nov. 4

Despite a rainy, cold day, some 400 members of the new temple district, which includes 13,400 members in the Lubbock, Abilene, Amarillo and Odessa Texas stakes, and the Roswell New Mexico Stake, turned out for the event on the grounds of the Lubbock Texas Stake Center.

"A family gathers to see and be part of the beginning of the family home because it will be a place where they can come to experience the love, receive the counsel, and feel the belonging feelings of their earthly family," Elder Pinegar told the gathering. "There are few feelings to match that of 'coming home.' We have gathered here today to begin construction of a temple which is the symbol of our heavenly home. In this 'heavenly home' we will feel the love and experience the presence of the spirit of our Father in Heaven.

"Coming to this 'home' we can receive His greatest blessings," he continued. "And, just as there is work to do and service to give around an earthly home to enable all family members to enjoy the greatest happiness, there is work to do and service to give when we come to this 'home,' the House of the Lord."

This was an emotional time for members here, said former Lubbock stake President Jay B. Jensen, who is serving as coordinator of the local temple committee, during a later telephone interview. "Many said it was a like a dream, that they couldn't believe this was really happening. Their spirits were not dampened by the weather."

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