Temple presidents

Mignon and Arthur F. Coombs Jr.

Arthur Ferrell Coombs Jr., 70, Cupertino Ward, Saratoga California Stake, called as president of the new Santo Domingo Dominican Republic Temple, which will be dedicated Sept. 17, 2000.

President's Coombs' wife, Mignon Petersen Coombs, will serve as temple matron. President Coombs served as president of the Dominican Republic Santo Domingo Mission from 1983-86, as temple president's counselor, temple sealer, stake president and bishop. He was also chairman of the board for the California State Pro-life Conference. A retired educator and former director of Sysorex Institute, which transfers technological information to developing countries, he received bachelor's and master's degrees from the University of Utah, and a doctorate in education from Stanford University. He was born in Salt Lake City, Utah, to Arthur Ferrell and Olive Woolley Coombs.

Sister Coombs is a former assistant temple matron, Relief Society president and counselor, Young Women president and teacher, and ward activities committee chairman. She was born in Redmond, Utah, to Reed B. and Elva Mignon Nielsen.

Harold E. and Carolyn De La Mare

Harold Elison De La Mare, 78, Lakewood Ward, Cypress Texas Stake, called as president of the new Houston Texas Temple, which will be dedicated Aug. 26-27, 2000. President De La Mare's wife, Carolyn Huish Johnson De La Mare, will serve as temple matron.

President De La Mare served as president of the Singapore Mission from 1985-1988, temple president's counselor, stake president, stake president's counselor and bishop. A retired research chemist, he graduated from Utah State University with a bachelor's degree, and from Purdue University with a doctorate in organic chemistry. He was born in Burley, Idaho, to Theo G. and Edna Myrtle Elison De La Mare.

Sister De La Mare is a former assistant temple matron, Relief Society and Primary president, and stake Young Women president's counselor. She received a bachelor's degree from BYU in foods and nutrition. She was born in Berkeley, Calif., to John Edward and Mamie Huish Johnson.

E. Allen and Sandra L. Rich

Elijah Allen Rich, 66, Byrd Springs Ward, Huntsville Alabama Stake, called as president of the new Birmingham Alabama Temple, which will be dedicated Sept. 3, 2000. President Rich's wife, Sandra L. Barrett Rich, will serve as temple matron.

President Rich served as temple sealer and ordinance worker, stake president, stake president's counselor, bishop and bishop's counselor. Retired from the federal government as a systems information manager, he graduated from the University of Houston with a bachelor's degree in mass communications. He was born in Bainbridge, Ga., to Elijah Allen and Bennie Lou Parker Rich.

Sister Rich is a former temple ordinance worker, stake Relief Society president's counselor, and ward Relief Society, Young Women and Primary president. She was born in San Antonio, Texas, to Justin Paul and Linda Esser Barrett.

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