New stake presidencies

A new stake has been created in Idaho.

The Nampa Idaho East Stake, which includes the Nampa 2nd, 9th, 13th, 14th (Spanish), 15th, 16th and 18th wards, has been created by Elder F. Melvin Hammond of the Seventy.

Elsewhere, stakes have been reorganized in Brazil, the Philippines, Tonga, and in Arizona, Idaho and Utah.


NAMPA IDAHO EAST STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2001) Created from the Nampa Idaho and Nampa Idaho South Stakes. President — Norman Larry Holm, 49, planning director for City of Nampa; wife, Debra Alice Nelson Holm. Counselors — Keith Craig Fletcher, 45, chief executive officer and owner of Mira Quest Ventures; wife, Florence Elizabeth Reiber Fletcher. S. Lance Thueson, 41, president of Precision Pipeline Excavation Inc.; wife, Mirla Janel Morgan Thueson.


ANTIPOLO PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Antonio Q. Manzano, 37, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Arnulfo T. Roda; wife, Catherine Costo Pangan Manzano. Counselors — Arnold D. Manongdo, 28, mailing coordinator for Church area office; wife, Marjorie May Teh Uy Manongdo. Rogelio S. Villapaz, 37, systems and control specialist for Church area office; wife, Charlene Leonidas Lopez Villapaz.

CAMPINAS BRAZIL CASTELO STAKE: (Feb. 4, 2001) President — Marco Antonio Altheman, 39, physician; succeeding Carlos Roberto Martins; wife, Edima Maria Pinheiro Altheman. Counselors — Rubens Cesar Lanius, 52, operations director for Wizard Brazil; wife, Tania de Campos Pimentel Lanius. Douglas Rodrigues dos Santos, 31, sales manager for Fuller S/A; wife, Cristina Sartori dos Santos.

CAMPO GRANDE BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 28, 2001) President — Carlos Neder, 36, accounting manager for Concentro Marcas Ltda.; succeeding Jose Estevao Moraes Palma; wife, Isabel Ferreira Guimaraes Neder. Counselors — Marivaldo Camepa, 36, salesman for Luiza Magazine; wife, Maria Jose Francisca da Silva Camepa. Antonino Salvatierra, 36, supervisor for Liderbras S/A; wife, Rosalina Julio Lopes Salvatierra.

HA'APAI TONGA STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Tevita Po'ese Vimahi, 39, brickmaker; succeeding Mo'ale Finau; wife, Valeti Tolisi Fonua Vimahi. Counselors — Veivosa Light of Life Taka, 39, district government officer; wife, 'Ofa Kivahanoa Fonua Taka. Fotu Kusitafu Guttenbeil, 37, head teacher for LDS Middle School; wife, Siulolovao Manu Guttenbeil.

LA CARLOTA PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Jan. 29, 2001) President — Danilo C. Delos Santos, 38, instructor at Bago City College; succeeding Emmanuel Cabrera Guevarra. Counselors — Eddie Java Barayoga, 42, pump tender for Asian Alcohol Corp.; wife, Gilda Banares Alvares Barayoga. Arnulfo Mercurio Britanico, 43, credit investigator for V.I. Finance; wife, Elna Camson Ojanola Britanico.

LOGAN UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2001) President — Ronald D. Nelson, 47, project manager and systems analyst for Thiokol Propulsion; succeeding Roger A. Johnson; wife, Joylynn Jones Nelson. Counselors — V. Lynn Hobbs, 53, owner and baker of Shaffer Bakery; wife, Jeanette Degn Hobbs. Peter B. Lindhardt, 32, process engineer, Tyco Electronics; wife, Lori Louise Giles Lindhardt.

NAMPA IDAHO STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2001) President — Daniel R. Hughes, retained. Counselors — Jerry T. Christensen, retained. Eric S. Asay, 39, dentist; wife, Vicki Renee Mercer Asay.

PARADISE VALLEY ARIZONA STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2001) President — John Charles Ogden, 55, president and chief executive officer for SunCor Development; succeeding Bradley Reed Nilsen; wife, Judy Lucille Tibbitts Ogden. Counselors — David Grant Campbell, 48, attorney for Osborn Maledon; wife, Stacey Sweet Campbell. Arthur David Case, 45, construction manager for Low Mountain; wife, Nancy Irene Updike Case.

SAN FERNANDO LA UNION PHILIPPINES STAKE: (Feb. 4, 2001) President — Leonardo S. Mino, 62, coordinator for Church Educational System; succeeding Armando A. Gundran; wife, Elma Alipio Padua Mino. Counselors — Spencer N. Federico, 24, manager for PPPH Stevedoring; wife, Amie Balanon Dacanay Federico. Manolito P. Ortiz, 39, asset recovery manager officer for Keppel Bank; wife, Angelina Alsim Guico Ortiz.

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