Biking Iowa's Mormon Trail

WINTER QUARTERS — Fatigue, sore muscles and learning the importance of endurance are what 20 young men in the Leavenworth Ward, Platte City Missouri Stake, experienced June 4—9 as they bicycled 350 miles across Iowa's Mormon Trail.

The group, lead by Scoutmaster Doug Stephensen, drove to Carthage, Ill., to begin their bicycle trip June 4. "We only pedaled 23 miles the first day, but made up for it the rest of the week where we averaged about 70 miles a day," said Sam Enderle, 15, a member of the teacher's quorum.

Nights were spent in the numerous state parks along their route. During the trip the scouts took tours of significant historical sites relevant to the Mormon pioneers who blazed the trail the scouts were following. At Nauvoo, Ill., the young men participated in a discussion about Nauvoo's history and why the Latter-day Saint population left the city. Other tours occurred at Carthage, Ill.; Garden Grove, Iowa; and northern Omaha at the Winter Quarters Visitor's Center.

After days of pedaling up and down the hills of southern Iowa the Scouts achieved their objective Saturday morning when they reached the heights overlooking northern Omaha at the Winter Quarters Visitors Center. As the troop left Council Bluffs, Iowa, an Omaha city police escort met them and escorted them through the heart of the city.

"We were exhausted but had the feeling we had accomplished a great thing. Thanks to this challenging bike trip we feel confident we will be able to manage the challenges that life has in store for us," said James Griffith, 14, a teacher.

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