Elder Spencer Jones biography

Family: Born Sept. 17, 1945, to Virgil W. and Nellie Baker Jones; raised in Virden, N.M.; married Joyce Mathews June 3, 1968. Later sealed in the Mesa Arizona Temple; three children, Jed (Terri); Ruston (Natalie); Sidnie (John) Schoonover; eight grandchildren.

Church Service: Area Authority Seventy; executive secretary to the Mexico South Area Presidency; president of the Chile Antofagasta Mission, 1994-97; bishop; high councilor and served as a full-time missionary in Argentine North Mission, 1964-67.

Education: Received bachelor's degree from Brigham Young University in animal science.

Employment: Businessman in Gallup, N.M., operating a chain of retail furniture stores, ranching and other business ventures.

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