Elder Keith R. Edwards

Quorums of the Seventy

Spiritual lessons follow by approaching suffering, sorrow and grief with a focus on Christ.

The scriptures tell the stories of several men and women who always kept their focus on Christ, no matter how bad their situation was. People like Abraham, who lost the land of his inheritance and was commanded to sacrifice his son, Isaac; or Nephi, who was bound for four days by his brothers on a ship coming to the promised land. Despite his suffering, Nephi "did look unto God and did praise him all the day long and did not murmur."

The purpose of our suffering is not always apparent at the time.

"As we are called upon to endure suffering, sometimes inflicted upon us intentionally or negligently, we are put in a unique position—if we choose, we may be allowed to have new awareness of the suffering of the son of God."

While Christ suffered all that we will suffer so that he could know how to succor his children, suffering can provide insight into the depth and magnitude of the Atonement.

Mortals must be careful not to compare their suffering to Christ's, but rather to appreciate it.

"We can have a greater appreciation for that which he did and we can feel his spirit succoring us and we can know the Savior in a very real sense."

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