Exemplary woman receives honors

Sister Susan K. Bednar featured speaker at BYU-Idaho fireside

REXBURG, Idaho — Susan K. Bednar was honored with the BYU-Idaho Exemplary Woman Award at a fireside on March 19. Sister Bednar, wife of Elder David A. Bednar of the Quorum of the Twelve and former president of BYU-Idaho, was also the featured speaker at the fireside culminating Mother's Weekend at the Church-owned university.

BYU-Idaho President Kim B. Clark presented the award to Sister Bednar, who then offered an address based on the Mother's Weekend theme found in Alma 7: "And see that ye have faith, hope, and charity, and then ye will always abound in good works."

"As I have thought about this theme over the past few months," Sister Bednar began, "I have decided to discuss three important principles that motivate us to do good works: first, faith to follow the teachings of living prophets; second, hope received through temple covenants; and third charity toward all."

When speaking on faith to follow the teachings of living prophets, Sister Bednar said, "We know that faith as a principle of action is centered in our Savior, Jesus Christ. This gift moves us to act on the teachings, admonitions, and counsel of living apostles and prophets who are spokesmen for the Savior on earth."

Sister Bednar also spoke on the hope received through temple covenants. "Teachings of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ about the plan of happiness give us hope for eternal life," she said. "We also know that through the ordinances of the temple we can be sealed to those we love for time and all eternity. Hope received through temple covenants gives us strength to always abound in good works."

She then expressed her excitement for a temple to be constructed near the BYU—Idaho campus. "Think of the blessings that can come to you individually and collectively as a student body if you invite the temple to be a symbol of your membership in the Church. I hope this temple will be the most highly used temple in the Church," she said.

Continuing, Sister Bednar explained how "charity toward all moves us to do good works." She defined charity as the pure love of Christ and taught how it is a gift one must seek through study, prayer, obedience and sacrifice. "We must pray this heartfelt prayer everyday, 'Lord, please make me an instrument in thy hands,' " she said.

Sister Bednar concluded, "I testify that Jesus is the Christ. He reveals His will to living apostles and prophets. Therefore, faith to follow the teachings of living prophets helps us to abound in good works. I testify that temple attendance brings blessings of peace, personal assurance, and spiritual power in a world that grows increasingly dark. I bear witness that charity toward all is the pure love of Christ. May we pray with all the energy of our hearts for this marvelous gift — to feel our Savior's pure and perfect love and then share that love with others."

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