Apostle honored for serving nonprofit

Rotary International honors Richard L. Evans for his service as president

Days before the 98th annual Rotary International Convention in Salt Lake City, a small group of Rotarians from various parts of the globe gathered at the Salt Lake Cemetery June 15 to honor Elder Richard L. Evans, a former president of the international service organization.

Known to many Church members as the voice of Music and the Spoken Word for more than 40 years and as a General Authority, to Rotarians Elder Evans is remembered for his work in expanding the vision of Rotary International during his tenure as president from 1966-1967. Elder Evans was sustained as a member of the First Council of the Seventy in 1938 and as a member of the Quorum of the Twelve in 1953. He died Nov. 1, 1971, at age 65.

This is a "man who gave generously of his time, of his personal resources and his multi-faceted talents," said Julio Sonjus of Spain, this year's convention committee chairman and the person responsible for the ceremony.

Mr. Sonjus said he thought it appropriate to honor Elder Evans while in Salt Lake City and reminded fellow Rotarians that "without him, and many others like him, there would be no Rotary as it exists today."

He said, "The bright promises of the future of our organization should not let us forget the personalities and the generous contributions of those who preceded us."

As president of Rotary International, Elder Evans was keen to employ gospel knowledge to guide his vision and goals for the organization, including an initiative to strengthen the homes of those who served as Rotarians.

In 1966, during one of his first addresses as president of Rotary International, Elder Evans said: "We need to look inward as well as out to do what the Lord God has already done and put first responsibility for our children and for the family back in the home where it belongs. And wouldn't it be ironic, tragic, if we reached out for others worldwide and failed to save our own families or failed to save ourselves."

Sons William and Steven Evans were present to express words of gratitude at the commemoration of Elder Evans' tenure, which concluded 40 years ago this month.


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