United States information: Idaho


Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 304,060,000; Members, 5,974,041; Stakes, 1,438; Wards, 11,289; Branches, 2,074; Districts, 12; Missions, 106; Temples in use, 62; under construction or announced, 7; Percent LDS, 2, or one in 51.

A few stakes and missions have headquarters in states other than that for which they are named. To simplify this listing, these stakes and missions are listed in the states for which they are named. Numbers preceding stakes and missions are their chronological numbers assigned at the time of creation. Letters are added if number has been used previously.

(* Stake name changed 14 Jan 1974 or as indicated otherwise.)


Jan. 1, 2009: Est. population, 1,524,000; Members, 406,764; Stakes, 119; Wards 958; Branches, 105; Missions, 2; Temples, 4; Percent LDS, 27, or one in 4.

Latter-day Saints first attempted settlement in what is now Idaho at Fort Limhi (later spelled Lemhi) on 15 June 1855. Its name was borrowed from a prominent Book of Mormon figure. At the time, Fort Lemhi was included in Oregon Territory. Thomas Sasson Smith was chosen to supervise the colonization. Church leaders encouraged the settlers to establish ties with local Native Americans, conduct missionary work among them, and teach them farming methods. President Brigham Young and a large traveling contingent, including Native American Chief Arapeen, and possibly Chief Kanosh, visited the settlement in May 1857. Subsequent hostilities developed between the settlers and local natives, and Ft. Lemhi was abandoned in late March 1858.

A second LDS colonization effort began in 1859 when a group of Utah saints began claiming and improving land near Franklin. The town was officially settled on 14 April 1860. The settlers assumed they were residing in Utah Territory, but an 1872 boundary survey determined they had located about a mile inside Idaho Territory. The community was named for Elder Franklin D. Richards of the Quorum of the Twelve and is noted as Idaho's first permanent Anglo-Saxon settlement. Preston Thomas was called to serve as Franklin's first bishop.

The Bear River Massacre, reputedly the worst one-day killing of Native Americans in U.S. history, took place several miles northwest of Franklin on 29 January 1863. Responding to complaints regarding Indian attacks on emigrants, settlers, miners and cattle, federal troops from Fort Douglas in Salt Lake City killed about 300 natives in an early morning attack. Residents of Franklin nursed the troops' wounds as they returned to Fort Douglas. A few settlers were permitted to return to the massacre site and rescue surviving adult Natives and three small children.

Idaho Territory was created from Oregon Territory on 4 March 1863. The following September Charles C. Rich, of the Quorum of Twelve Apostles, led a colonizing party to what is now Paris, Idaho. In 1864, the communities of Bloomington, St. Charles, Ovid, Montpelier, Fish Haven, Liberty, and Bennington were founded. Also that year, Church members established settlements and ranches farther west in Oxford, Malad City, and Marsh Valley (near Downey).

Bear Lake Stake, the first in Idaho, was organized on 20 June 1869 with David Patten Kimball as president. Brigham Young directed the establishment of a settlement at Soda Springs in 1870 with Philemon C. Merrill as presiding elder. Expanding their influence throughout the southeastern corner of Idaho, Church members also moved into what is now called Gem Valley in the early 1870s.

Significant numbers of Native Americans living in southern Idaho joined the Church in the 1870s and 1880s. Shoshone Chief Sagwitch was baptized on 5 May 1873 near Bear River City, Utah, by George W. Hill. More than 100 of Sagwitch's tribe were also baptized the same day. Chief Pocatello, accompanied by his band, traveled to Salt Lake City in 1875. There, he was baptized on 5 May by Hiram W. Mikesell. Several hundred of Chief Pocatello's tribe were subsequently baptized in the Bear River near Corinne, Utah.

During the 1870s and early 1880s many Latter-day Saints in Idaho worked as contractors and employees of the Utah and Northern Railroad during its construction that linked Salt Lake City with Helena and other mining cities of western Montana. The availability of arable land in Idaho, coupled with the railroad extension into the Snake River Valley, served as a pressure release valve for the burgeoning younger generations in Utah looking to establish themselves on fertile farmlands. Church members constructed large scale irrigation canals to open immense tracts of agricultural land.

Settlers in the Worm Creek (later Preston) area, a few miles north of Franklin, were organized as a ward in 1879. Also, that year a group of Latter-day Saints from Tooele County, Utah, settled in Goose Creek Valley in present day Cassia County. The townsite of Oakley became the region's initial central settlement. A ward was established there in 1882, and Cassia Stake was organized on 19 November 1887 with Horton D. Haight as president.

Amos R. Wright, appointed as a missionary to Native Americans, traveled frequently between his Bennington home and the Wind River Reservation in neighboring Wyoming. On 25 September 1880, Wright baptized Shoshone Chief Washakie. The baptism was performed at night to avoid detection by antagonistic reservation officials. Wright also baptized about 310 other Native Americans on the reservation during September and October of that year. Chief Washakie had become an early and friendly associate of Church leaders after the saints arrived in Utah.

In 1882, Cache Stake President William B. Preston in Logan, Utah, supervised the colonization of the Snake River Valley. The far flung Bannock Ward centered in Rexburg was organized as Bannock Stake on 4 February 1884 with Thomas E. Ricks as president. A few months later on 1 June the Oneida Stake was organized in Franklin with William D. Hendricks as president.

During the mid to late 1880s, territorial Marshal Fred T. Dubois and deputies spearheaded pursuit and prosecution of polygamists in Idaho. Dubois later became an Idaho congressman and senator. In his senatorial role he championed the unsuccessful effort in 1904 to bar Elder Reed Smoot of the Quorum of the Twelve from being seated as U.S. senator from Utah.

In 1884, the Idaho Territorial Legislature enacted an "Anti-Mormon Test Oath." It barred not only practicing polygamists but anyone who believed in a religion advocating the doctrine of plural marriage from voting, holding public office, serving on juries, or teaching in or administering public schools. The "Test Oath" was enforced rigidly during the election of 1886. Mormons, comprising one-fourth of the territory's population, were prevented from voting.

During the election of 1888, hundreds of Latter-day Saint men in Idaho, with approval from Church leaders, temporarily "withdrew" their membership in the Church in order to vote and thus challenge the legality and enforcement of the "Test Oath." Most of the Latter-day Saint voters were arrested and their votes negated. The U.S. Supreme Court ruled on 3 February 1890 that the "Test Oath" was indeed constitutional. It became part of the state's constitution when Idaho was admitted to the Union the following July. Active enforcement of the "Test Oath" essentially ended after the election of 1892. Attempts to repeal it, however, were unsuccessful until some ninety years later in 1982.

During the troubled 1880s four Church-sponsored academies were founded in Idaho: Fielding in Paris, Oneida Stake in Preston, Cassia Stake in Oakley, and Fremont Stake (later Ricks College) in Rexburg. Also built during this era was the Bear Lake Stake Tabernacle in Paris, generally recognized as one of the finest examples of Idaho architecture. Work on the building, designed by Joseph Don Carlos Young, son of Brigham Young, began in 1884 and was dedicated in 1889. The Saints in the railroad center of Pocatello were organized as a branch in May 1888.

In 1896, Elder Edward Stevenson, one of the first seven presidents of the Seventy, and Matthias F. Cowley, a counselor in the Oneida Stake presidency, were appointed to travel through the northwestern states to locate Church members residing there and establish branches and a mission. As a result, the Montana Mission was established with Phineas Tempest as president. He served under the direction of Bannock Stake president Thomas E. Ricks.

On 26 July 1897, the Northwestern States Mission was organized with Oneida Stake President George C. Parkinson called to serve a dual role as mission president. Six missionaries from Oneida Stake were assigned to begin missionary work in the newly created mission that included Oregon, Washington, and part of Idaho. In 1898, the Montana and Northwestern States missions were consolidated with Franklin S. Bramwell as president.

Latter-day Saints began settling on farms in the Payette Valley in 1900. A branch was organized in Emmett the following year.

The Church's presence in Idaho's capital city was initiated on 18 January 1903 by several Latter-day Saint legislators who requested that Church authorities in Salt Lake City send missionaries to Boise. Joshua H. Paul and Melvin J. Ballard were sent from headquarters to survey the situation. They established a branch a few weeks later on 8 February with Ezra J. Merrill as presiding elder. The Boise Stake was organized 10 years later in 1913.

The construction of the U.S. Reclamation Service's Minidoka Dam in 1905 attracted substantial numbers of Latter-day Saints to farm lands at Heyburn, Acequia, Paul, and Rupert. Wards were soon organized there under the direction of Boise Stake officials. Other irrigation and railroad projects farther west along the Snake River attracted LDS settlers. Branches were organized in Kimberly in 1905 and Twin Falls in 1908. A ward was also established in Burley in 1906. That year Idaho's first General Authority, Charles H. Hart, a native of Bloomington, was called to serve as one of the First Seven Presidents of the Seventy.

The LDS Hospital built in Idaho Falls was dedicated by President Heber J. Grant on 22 October 1923. By 1925 the LDS population of the state numbered 79,887, the largest concentration of Saints living outside Utah.

The Church's first institute of religion was established at the University of Idaho in Moscow in 1926. A building to accommodate the institute's students and staff was constructed in 1928. By 1930, there were 25 stakes in Idaho with membership numbering around 90,000. In 1935, Church officials offered to transfer Ricks Academy to the state of Idaho as a junior college, but the state Legislature turned down the offer in 1937. That year Albert E. Bowen, a native of Henderson Creek, near Malad City, was ordained a member of the Quorum of the Twelve. He was followed into the Quorum in subsequent years by other Idaho natives: Harold B. Lee (1941), Ezra Taft Benson (1943), Matthew Cowley (1945), Howard W. Hunter (1959), and David B. Haight (1976).

Idaho's first temple was built on the banks of the Snake River in Idaho Falls. It was dedicated by President George Albert Smith on 23 September 1945. In 1957, and again in 1958, the Church announced plans to move Ricks College to Idaho Falls. The decision was ultimately reversed, and a major expansion of the college was announced in 1961.

The Idaho Pocatello Mission was created on 1 July 1974 with Ernest Eberhard, Jr. as president. In 1979, the mission's name was changed to the Idaho Boise Mission. On 1 July 1991, the Idaho Pocatello Mission was re-established with Wayne W. Probst as president.

On 5 June 1976, the Teton Dam burst unexpectedly and sent devastating flood waters through the Wilford/Sugar City/Rexburg area. About 40,000 people, mostly Church members, were directly affected by the devastation. Homes, personal property, and agricultural lands were destroyed. A massive relief effort was quickly organized among Church members from stakes in Idaho and neighboring states. President Spencer W. Kimball visited Rexburg a few days later on 13 June and spoke to about 8,000 members at Ricks College. His remarks infused the community with optimism and hope.

Idaho's second temple, in Boise, was dedicated on 25-30 May 1984 by President Gordon B. Hinckley of the First Presidency. The temple was enlarged in 1987 and rededicated in May of that year by President James E. Faust of the Quorum of the Twelve.

On 21 June 2000, President Hinckley announced that Ricks College would become a four-year university and be renamed Brigham Young University-Idaho. At the time of the announcement enrollment at Ricks was 8,628 students.

The First Presidency announced the creation of the Idaho Area on 16 June 2001. The new area was formed from the North America Northwest Area and included central and southern Idaho and portions of Oregon and Wyoming. The state is currently divided among three areas: North America Northwest, Utah North, and Idaho. Two missions encompass most of the state: Idaho Boise and Idaho Pocatello. Parts of the southeastern corner of the state are included in the Utah Ogden Mission while sections of the north are affiliated with the Washington Spokane Mission.

Private historic preservation efforts in 2003 were successful in saving the main LDS Oneida Stake Academy building in Preston from demolition. Church presidents Harold B. Lee and Ezra Taft Benson received much of their formal education there. The building, designed by Joseph Don Carlos Young, son of Brigham Young, was dedicated on 28 July 1895 and is one of the last of its kind still standing. It was moved in December 2003 a few blocks north to Benson Park. The Church provided a permanent site at the park for its relocation and donated a large sum toward the building's restoration as a community cultural center.

A letter from the First Presidency on 12 December 2003 announced that a temple would be built in Rexburg, and in general conference 20 October 2004 President Hinckley announced that Idaho's fourth temple would be built in Twin Falls. In August 2004, the Church was considering plans to restore the original Bear Lake Stake Tabernacle in Paris.

Three Church presidents were born and reared in Idaho: Harold B. Lee (Clifton), Ezra Taft Benson (Whitney), and Howard W. Hunter (Boise). President Benson died 30 May 1994 and was buried in Whitney.

In 2002, membership reached 360,204. In 2004, membership was 376,661.

Some 1,000 local members of the Church gathered April 15, 2006, for the groundbreaking of the Twin Falls Idaho Temple.

Sources: Leonard J. Arrington, History of Idaho, 1994; Merrill D. Beal, A History of Southeastern Idaho, 1942; David L. Bigler, Fort Limhi: The Mormon Adventure in Oregon Territory, 1855-1858, 2003; Scott R. Christensen, Sagwitch: Shoshone Chieftain, Mormon Elder, 1822-1887, 1999; Andrew Jenson, Encyclopedic History of the Church, 1941; Brigham D. Madsen, Chief Pocatello, the "White Plume," 1986; Merle W. Wells, Anti-Mormonism in Idaho, 1872-1892, 1978; Manuscript histories of Franklin Ward and Bannock, Bear Lake, Blaine, Boise, Cache, Cassia, Fremont, Malad, Oneida, Pocatello, and Portneuf stakes, Church Archives; David Croft, "Idaho Members Fight Flood," Church News, 12 June 1976; Dell Van Orden, "Flood Victims Get New Hope," Church News, 19 June 1976; Arnold Irvine, "Idaho Vote Spells Finish to Old Feud," Church News, 13 November 1982; Julie Dockstader Heaps, "Old Academy Rolls into History," Church News, 13 December 2003; "First Presidency Letter to Leaders," Church News, 27 December 2003; Julie Dockstader Heaps, "New Temple in Idaho," Church News, 27 December 2003; Amos R. Wright, Record book: Indians baptized, confirmed, etc. [July 1877- October 1880], LDS Church Archives. This document is an enclosure to a letter dated 18 November 1880 that Wright sent to LDS Church president John Taylor; "Idaho's fourth temple," Church News, 22 April 2006.

Stakes — 119

(Listed alphabetically by area as of Oct. 1, 2009.)

No. / Name / Organized / First President

Idaho Area — 100

170 *American Falls Idaho

American Falls 1 Feb 1948 George R. Woolley

343 Ammon Idaho 27 Apr 2003

*Idaho Falls Idaho Ammon

Ammon 26 Nov 1961 Harold W. Davis

2612a Ammon Idaho Foothills 27 April 2003 Douglas R. Wheeler

2811 Ammon Idaho North 15 Nov 2008 Franklin Dennis Stevens

1481 Arimo Idaho 17 Jun 1984 Douglas Sorensen

695 Ashton Idaho 18 May 1975 Horace E. Hess

52 *Blackfoot Idaho

Blackfoot 31 Jan 1904 Elias S. Kimball

1391 Blackfoot Idaho East 12 Dec 1982 Franklin D. Transtrum

914 Blackfoot Idaho Northwest 30 Apr 1978 Reijo Laverne Marcum

214 *Blackfoot Idaho South

*Blackfoot South 1 Mar 1970

South Blackfoot 20 Jun 1954 Lawrence T. Lambert

504 *Blackfoot Idaho West

Blackfoot West 1 Mar 1970 Alan F. Larsen

66 *Boise Idaho

Boise 3 Nov 1913 Heber Q. Hale

1460 Boise Idaho Central 5 Feb 1984 R. Clair Miles

1041 Boise Idaho East 10 Jun 1979 Cecil Frank Olsen

409 *Boise Idaho North

*Boise North Jan 1966

North Boise 26 Sep 1965 L. Aldin Porter

701 Boise Idaho South 17 Aug 1975 Grant Ruel Ipsen

1856 Boise State University 24 Apr 1992 Robert Reed Boren

218 *Boise Idaho West

*Boise West 29 May 1970

West Boise 7 Nov 1954 David Keith Ricks

77 *Burley Idaho

Burley 27 Jul 1919 David R. Langlois

1421 Burley Idaho West 22 May 1983 Walter Ray Petersen

405 *BYU-Idaho 1st 10 Aug 2001

*Ricks College 1st 7 Nov 1989

*Rexburg Idaho College 1st

*Ricks College 1st 1 Jun 1969

Ricks College 7 May 1965 J. Wendell Stucki

480 *BYU-Idaho 2nd 10 Aug 2001

*Ricks College 2nd 7 Nov 1989 *Rexburg Idaho College 2nd

Ricks College 2nd 27 Apr 1969 Loren Homer Grover

690 *BYU-Idaho 3rd 10 Aug 2001

*Ricks College 3rd 7 Nov 1989

Rexburg Idaho College 3rd 13 Apr 1975 Ray Wendell Rigby

1689 *BYU-Idaho 4th 10 Aug 2001

*Ricks College 4th 7 Nov 1989

Rexburg Idaho College 4th 6 Mar 1988 Jay Lufkin Risenmay

1836 *BYU-Idaho 5th 10 Aug 2001

Ricks College 5th 8 Dec 1991 R. Brent Kinghorn

2454 *BYU-Idaho 6th 10 Aug 2001

Ricks College 6th 19 Apr 1998 Jud Earl Miller

2613 BYU Idaho 7th 12 Oct 2003 Bradley D. Foster

2672 BYU Idaho 8th 27 Feb 2005 Jay Martin Harris

2805d BYU Idaho 9th (student married) 24 Aug 2008 Terry W. Call

564 *Caldwell Idaho

Caldwell 30 Jan 1972 Talmadge C. Blacker

1446 Caldwell Idaho North 9 Oct 1983 Gerald Leland Jensen

78 *Carey Idaho 31 Oct 1977 *Richfield Idaho

Blaine 3 Aug 1919 William Lennox Adamson

960 *Chubbuck Idaho 8 Sep 1987

Pocatello Idaho Chubbuck 17 Sep 1978 Errol Smith Phippen

69 *Declo Idaho

*Cassia East 15 Jun 1969

Raft River 27 Apr 1915 John A. Elison

50 *Driggs Idaho

Teton (Wyoming, Idaho) 2 Sep 1901 Don Carlos Driggs

1840 Eagle Idaho 12 Jan 1992 Gary Wayne Walker

661 Emmett Idaho 22 Sep 1974 David Lee Morton

1147 Filer Idaho 15 Jun 1980 Karl E. Nelson

655 Firth Idaho 8 Sep 1974 Dale Lavar Christensen

36 *Idaho Falls Idaho

*Idaho Falls 16 Aug 1925

Bingham 9 Jun 1895 James E. Steele

825 Idaho Falls Idaho Ammon West 1 May 1977 Boyd Rencher Thomas

1448 Idaho Falls Idaho Central 16 Oct 1983 Paul Roger DeMordaunt

1665 Idaho Falls Idaho Eagle Rock 13 Dec 1987 Michael D. Crapo

285 *Idaho Falls Idaho East

*Idaho Falls East 29 May 1970

East Idaho Falls 7 Jun 1959 Charles P. Birzee

1149 Idaho Falls Idaho Lincoln 22 Jun 1980 Cleon Y. Olson

112 *Idaho Falls Idaho North

*Idaho Falls North 29 May 1970

North Idaho Falls 12 May 1935 David Smith

157 *Idaho Falls Idaho South

*Idaho Falls South 29 May 1970

South Idaho Falls 30 Jun 1946 Cecil E. Hart

2183 Idaho Falls Idaho 17 Mar 1996 J Rodney Hayes

Taylor Mountain

602 *Idaho Falls Idaho West

Idaho Falls West 4 Mar 1973 Terry L. Crapo

607 *Iona Idaho

Iona 15 Apr 1973 Joseph Dudley Tucker

192 *Jerome Idaho

Gooding 9 Mar 1952 Ross C. Lee

1015 Kimberly Idaho 15 Apr 1979 David LaVere Carter

2029 Kuna Idaho 26 Feb 1995 Kenneth Arthur Roetto

2825 Kuna Idaho East 19 Apr 2009 Grant H. Francis

72 *McCammon Idaho 19 Feb 1983 *Arimo Idaho

Portneuf 15 Aug 1915 George T. Hyde

1125 Menan Idaho 30 Mar 1980 Garth Victor Hall

580 *Meridian Idaho

Meridian 11 Jun 1972 J. Richard Clarke

2714 Meridian Idaho Amity 19 Mar 2006 Clair Arvid Waite

847 Meridian Idaho East 12 Jun 1977 Leonard E. Graham Jr.

2586 Meridian Idaho North 21 Jan 2001 Ronald Lee Clark

2706 Meridian Idaho Paramount 5 Feb 2006 Glen Patterson Olsen

1401 Meridian Idaho South 20 Feb 1983 Wenden Wayne Waite

2299 Meridian Idaho West 12 Jan 1997 Loun G. Easthope

2755 Middleton Idaho 3 Mar 2007 Zachary F. Evans

79 *Moore Idaho

Lost River 18 Aug 1919 William N. Patten

641 Mountain Home Idaho 19 May 1974 Kenneth Herbert Johns

125 *Nampa Idaho

Nampa 27 Nov 1938 Peter E. Johnson

2589 Nampa Idaho East 25 Feb 2001 Norman Larry Holm

2660 Nampa Idaho North 7 Nov 2004 Robert Allen Buchanan

874 Nampa Idaho South 30 Oct 1977 Dean Ezra Beus

32 *Oakley Idaho

Cassia (Idaho, Utah) 19 Nov 1887 Horton D. Haight

587 *Paul Idaho

Minidoka West 24 Sep 1972 Keith C. Merrill Jr.

278 *Pocatello Idaho

Pocatello 19 Apr 1959 Roland K. Hart

40 *Pocatello Idaho Alameda 17 Jun 1984 *Pocatello Idaho East

*Pocatello East 29 May 1970 *East Pocatello 19 Apr 1959 Pocatello 7 Aug 1898 William C. Parkinson

1484 Pocatello Idaho Central 17 Jun 1984 Thomas William Ranstrom

971 *Pocatello Idaho East 17 Jun 1984

Pocatello Idaho South 22 Oct 1978 John Burl McNabb

377 *Pocatello Idaho Highland 17 Jun 1984 *Pocatello Idaho Alameda

Alameda 12 May 1963 Homer S. Satterfield

207 *Pocatello Idaho North

*Pocatello North 29 May 1970

North Pocatello 21 Jun 1953 Jared O. Anderson

1444 Pocatello Idaho Tyhee 25 Sep 1983 Eugene Lester Hancock

406 *Pocatello Idaho University 1st

Idaho State University 9 May 1965 Robert E. Thompson

2458 Pocatello Idaho University 2nd 3 May 1998 Earl L. Christison III

149 *Pocatello Idaho West

*Pocatello West 29 May 1970

West Pocatello 6 May 1945 Twayne Austin

28 *Rexburg Idaho

*Rexburg 23 Jun 1935 *Fremont 6 Aug 1898

Bannock 4 Feb 1884 Thomas E. Ricks

1369 Rexburg Idaho Center 24 Oct 1982 Ronald Curtis Martin

697 Rexburg Idaho East 1 Jun 1975 Keith Lester Peterson

2810 Rexburg Idaho Henry's Fork 1 Nov 2008 Robert D. Marcum

153 *Rexburg Idaho North

*Rexburg North 29 May 1970

North Rexburg 28 Oct 1945 Orval O. Mortensen

2270 Rexburg Idaho South 17 Nov 1996 Garth S. Olsen

56 *Rigby Idaho

Rigby 3 Feb 1908 Don Carlos Walker

158 *Rigby Idaho East

*Rigby East 29 May 1970

East Rigby 7 Jul 1946 James E. Ririe

1140 Ririe Idaho 25 May 1980 Arlo J. Moss

606 *Roberts Idaho

Jefferson 25 Mar 1973 Edwin Cutler Adamson

91 *Rupert Idaho

Minidoka 11 May 1924 Richard C. May

1476 Rupert Idaho West 3 Jun 1984 Carl B. Garner

60 *Saint Anthony Idaho

Yellowstone 10 Jan 1909 Daniel G. Miller

211 *Salmon Idaho

Salmon River 18 Oct 1953 Earl Stokes

67 *Shelley Idaho

Shelley 16 Aug 1914 Joseph H. Dye

1180 Shelley Idaho South 14 Sep 1980 Kenneth P. Fielding

1129 Sugar City Idaho 4 May 1980 Ferron W. Sonderegger

76 *Twin Falls Idaho

Twin Falls 26 Jul 1919 Lawrence Gomer Kirkman

2807 Twin Falls Idaho South 14 Sept 2008 Reed Juan Harris

490 *Twin Falls Idaho West

Twin Falls West 17 Aug 1969 Joel A. Tate

1156 Ucon Idaho 29 Jun 1980 Joseph Dudley Tucker

126 *Weiser Idaho

Weiser 27 Nov 1938 Scott B. Brown

1005 Wendell Idaho 25 Feb 1979 Orlo William Stevens

North America Northwest Area — 6

359 *Coeur d'Alene Idaho

Coeur d'Alene 14 Oct 1962 Gerald E. Browning

2511 Hayden Lake Idaho 7 Feb 1999 Ronald Bruce McIntire

268 *Lewiston Idaho

Lewiston (Idaho, Wash.) 19 Oct 1958 Golden Romney

638 Moscow Idaho 23 June 2004

*Pullman Washington 5 May 1974 John Leo Schwendiman

2553 Moscow Idaho University Stake 23 Apr 2000 Jack Evan McPhie

952 Sandpoint Idaho 20 Aug 1978 Richard William Goldsberry

Utah North Area — 11

1419 *Franklin Idaho 17 Nov 1985

Preston Idaho East 15 May 1983 Eudean Hawkins Gunnell

39 *Grace Idaho

Bannock 25 Jul 1898 Lewis S. Pond

32a *Malad Idaho

Malad (Idaho, Utah) 12 Feb 1888 Oliver C. Hoskins

75 *Montpelier Idaho

Montpelier (Idaho, Wyoming) 23 Dec 1917 Edward C. Rich

1020 Montpelier Idaho South 22 Apr 1979 Leonard H. Matthews

8a *Paris Idaho

Bear Lake (Idaho, Utah) 20 Jun 1869 David P. Kimball

29 *Preston Idaho North

Oneida 1 Jun 1884 William D. Hendricks

81 *Preston Idaho South

Franklin 6 Jun 1920 Samuel W. Parkinson

73 *Soda Springs Idaho

Idaho 19 Nov 1916 Nelson J. Hogan

Stakes discontinued

70 Curlew (Idaho, Utah) 17 May 1915 Jonathan C. Cutler

Discontinued 11 Feb 1940 Malad (32), Pocatello (40)

1273 Soda Springs Idaho North 31 May 1981 Cleston Murrie Godfrey

Discontinued 27 Apr 1986 Montpelier Idaho (75), Soda Springs Idaho (73)

Missions — 2

(As of Oct. 1, 2009; shown with historical number.)


3100 S. Vista Ave, Ste. 220

Boise, ID 83705


1246 N. Yellowstone Ave., Ste F-3

Pocatello, ID 83201

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