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Hamilton New Zealand Temple Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

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Announced: Feb. 17, 1955.

Location: At site of Church College of New Zealand in Temple View, outside of Hamilton; 509 Tuikaramea Rd., Temple View, New Zealand; phone: (64) 7-846-2750.

Site: 86.4 acres.

Exterior finish: Reinforced concrete block, manufactured at site, structural steel; painted white.

Temple design: Modern-contemporary.

Architect: Edward O. Anderson, Church architect.

Construction chairman: Wendell B. Mendenhall.

Construction supervisor: E. Albert Rosenvall and George R. Biesinger.

Rooms: Baptistry, celestial room, one ordinance room, three sealing rooms.

Total floor area: 42,304 square feet.

Dimensions: 159 feet by 84 feet; height of tower, 157 feet.

District: 25 stakes, 7 districts in New Zealand, Cook Islands.

Groundbreaking, site dedication: Dec. 21, 1955. First sod turned by Ariel Ballif, Wendell B. Mendenhall, and George R. Biesinger.

Dedication: April 20, 1958, by President David O. McKay; eight sessions.

Dedicatory Prayer

Done by President David O. McKay

“O God, our Eternal Father, on this significant and hallowed occasion, we unite our hearts and lift our voices in gratitude, praise and honor to Thy Holy name. We express gratitude that to these fertile Islands Thou didst guide descendants of Father Lehi, and hast enabled them to prosper, to develop and to become associated in history with leading and influential nations among mankind.

We are grateful for the Constitution of the United States of America which permitted the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints to be divinely established and which grants to every man the right to worship God according to the dictates of his own conscience.

We are grateful for other free nations which grant the same privilege, including the New Zealand government where a Temple is now built to Thy glory. Look with favor upon the Governor-General representing as he does the Crown and Parliament of the British Government. Guide also the Prime Minister and members of the General Assembly. Enlightened by Thy spirit, may they maintain and uphold the glorious principles of human liberty. Enable them to see Mormonism in the true light of the Restored Gospel. Show unto them that members of Thy Church are loyal citizens, that they love liberty, and will join with rulers in upholding the rights of the people, and the constitutional laws of this country. Holy Father, give unto the members of the Church and their children an increased disposition always to do everything in their power to maintain constitutional rights and freedom throughout the land.

We are grateful that into the hearts of all Thou hast implanted the divine gift of free agency with the resultant consciousness of human dignity and the assurance that the individual is precious in Thy sight.

Thou hast said that the divine purpose of creation is to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of man. To this end Thou hast given them a part of Thy divinity in their free agency and power of choice.

Since man was first placed upon the earth, Thou hast given to him the Plan to accept or reject whereby he might regain Thy presence, and in doing so, have joy and peace. Obedience to this Plan is essential and has been throughout the ages to the establishing of the Kingdom of God, a universal Brotherhood in which Thou shalt be acknowledged as their Supreme Ruler, and Thy Divine will obeyed.

The admonition to mankind has been to seek first this Kingdom with the promise that all other needful blessings will be added.

The mission of the Church is to establish the Kingdom of God upon earth, a divine government among men.

We thank Thee, O Thou Great Elohim, that Thou and Thy beloved Son didst appear to the Prophet Joseph Smith, and through subsequent administrations of angels, didst direct him to organize the Church of Jesus Christ in its completeness with Apostles, Prophets, Pastors, Teachers, Evangelists, and so forth, as it was established in the days of the Savior and his apostles in the Meridian of Time.

We are grateful that in this Restoration Thou hast bestowed the authority and revealed the power and methods by which the hearts of Thy children are being turned to the Fathers, and the hearts of the fathers to the children that the sons of men in all generations may be made partakers of the glories and joys of the Kingdom of God. May all who hold the Priesthood sense more fully the spirit of Elijah, and comprehend more clearly the necessity of giving to all who have gone beyond the veil the privileges of enjoying the blessings that follow compliance with the principles and ordinances of the everlasting Gospel; that some day all mankind, judged by the acts done in mortality, may receive their merited rewards and those who are worthy to be saved, sanctified and glorified.

All the principles and ordinances essential to man’s eternal progress and happiness were restored, and given authoritatively by the visitation of Heavenly messengers beginning with the appearance of the Father and the Son to the Prophet Joseph Smith in the year 1820.

We express gratitude to Thee for the leaders of Thy Church from the Prophet Joseph Smith through the years to the present General Authorities—The First Presidency, the Council of the Twelve Apostles, the Assistants to the Twelve Apostles, the Patriarch to the Church, the First Council of Seventy, and the Presiding Bishopric.

Following the martyrdom of the Prophet and Patriarch each President has had his special mission to perform, and under Thy guidance has carried the Church forward in its destined mission. Continue, we beseech Thee, to reveal to the First Presidency Thy mind and will as it pertains to the growth and advancement of Thy work among the children of men.

With humility and deep gratitude we acknowledge Thy nearness, Thy divine guidance and inspiration. Help us, we pray Thee, to become even more susceptible in our spiritual response to Thee.

Bless the Presidencies of Stakes, High Councils, the Presidencies of Missions, Bishoprics of Wards, Presidencies of Branches and of Quorums, Superintendencies and Presidencies of Auxiliary Associations throughout the world—make them keenly aware of the fact that they are trusted leaders and that they are to hold sacred that trust as they treasure their lives.

We are grateful that the members of the Church recognize that the payment of tithes and offerings brings blessings, and makes possible the proclamation of the gospel to the ends of the world, and contributes to the carrying out of Thy purposes through the building of chapels, tabernacles, and eventually temples wherever the Churches are organized in all lands and climes.

O Father, we sense that the crying need of the world today is acceptance of Jesus Christ and His gospel to counteract false teachings which now disturb the peace of honest men and women, and which undermine the faith of millions whose belief in Thee has been faltering and unstable because they have not yet had presented to them the eternal plan of salvation.

Guide us, O God, in our efforts to hasten the day when humanity will renounce contention and strife, when “nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they learn war any more.”

To this end bless the leaders of nations that their hearts may be cleared of prejudices, suspicion, and avarice, and filled with a desire for peace and righteousness.

As one means of uniting Thy children in the bonds of peace and love, this Temple and other holy houses of the Lord are erected in Thy name.

Help Thy people to realize that only by obedience to the eternal principles and ordinances of the Gospel may loved ones who died without baptism be permitted the glorious privilege of entrance into the Kingdom of God. Increase our desire, O Father, to put forth even greater effort toward the consummation of Thy purpose to bring to pass the immortality and eternal life of all Thy children. This edifice is one more means to aid in bringing about this divine consummation.

To this end, by the authority of the Holy Priesthood, we dedicate this New Zealand Temple of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, and consecrate it for the purposes for which it has been erected.

We dedicate it unto Thee, with all pertaining thereto as a House of Prayer, a House of Praise, a House of Worship, a House of Inspiration and communion with Thee.

We pray Thee, Heavenly Father, to accept this building in all its parts, from the foundation to turret; the Assembly Rooms, the Sealing Rooms, the Altars, and all the multitudinous appliances and appurtenances found in and belonging to this Temple and its annexes.

We dedicate the grounds upon which the Temple stands, and by which it is surrounded; the walks, ornamental beds, the trees, plants, flowers, and shrubbery that grow in the soil; may they bloom and blossom and become exceedingly beautiful and fragrant, and may Thy spirit dwell in the midst thereof that this plot of ground may be a place of rest and peace for holy meditation and inspired thought.

Preserve these buildings, we beseech Thee, from destruction by flood or fire; from the rage of elements, the shafts of the vivid lightning, the overwhelming blasts of the hurricane, and the upheavals of earthquake, O, Lord, protect them.

We invoke Thy blessing particularly upon the men and women who have so willingly and generously contributed their means, time, and effort to the completion of this imposing and impressive structure. Especially we mention all those who have accepted calls as Labor Missionaries and literally consecrated their all upon the altar of service. May each contributor be comforted in spirit and prospered many fold. May they be assured that they have the gratitude of thousands, perhaps millions, on the Other Side for whom the prison doors may now be opened and deliverance proclaimed to those who will accept the truth and be set free.

Bless the President of the Temple and his wife as Matron. Let humility temper their feelings; wisdom, and kind consideration guide their actions. May they, and others, who will be appointed as assistants and custodians, maintain an atmosphere of cleanliness and holiness in every room. Let no unclean person or thing ever enter herein, for “my spirit,” saith the Lord, “will not dwell in unclean tabernacles”; neither will it remain in a house where selfish, arrogant, or unwholesome thoughts abide. Therefore may all who seek this Holy Temple come with clean hands and pure hearts that Thy Holy Spirit may ever be present to comfort, to inspire, and to bless. If any with gloomy forebodings or heavy hearts enter, may they depart with their burdens lightened and their faith increased; if any have envy or bitterness in their hearts, may such feelings be replaced by self-searching and forgiveness. May all who come within these sacred walls feel a peaceful, hallowed influence. Cause, O Lord, that even people who pass the grounds, or view the Temple from afar, may lift their eyes from groveling things of sordid life and look up to Thee and Thy providence.

Now, dear Lord, our Eternal Father, through love for Thee and their fellow men, faithful members of Thy Church, and others who believe in Thee, by tithes and other generous contributions, have made possible the erection and completion of this, Thy holy House, in which will be performed the ordinances and ceremonies essential to the happiness, salvation, and exaltation of Thy children living in mortality and in the spirit world. Accept of our offering, hallow it by Thy Presence, protect it by Thy power. With this prayer we dedicate our lives to the establishment of the Kingdom of God on earth for the peace of the world and to Thy Glory forever, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, Amen.

2,000 children attend Primary Temple Day in New Zealand

By Peti Transfield

Church News contributor

HAMILTON, New Zealand — More than 2,000 Primary children from 16 stakes here assembled in front of the Hamilton New Zealand Temple Nov. 8 to commemorate the 125th anniversary of the organization of Primary.

Surrounded by colorful flags of red, yellow and blue, the Primary Temple Day program expressed the theme “His Truth I Will Proclaim.”

With the temple as a backdrop, the Primary children sang under the leadership of Lillian Kershaw. Three children shared experiences of “proclaiming the truth.”

Storm Smith, 12, of Mt. Roskill, told of being honest when a large sum of money was found; Casey Peter Atatai, 11, of the Henderson Stake told how he chose not to play outside on the Sabbath; and Shemaia Pouto, 9, of Whangarei spoke of her efforts to share the gospel with friends.

As the children sang, “We’ll Bring the World His Truth,” 24 full-time missionaries from the Hamilton zone marched onto the steps at the bottom of the hill in front of the children. The missionaries added their strength and presence as they joined with the children to sing “Called to Serve.”

Hamilton New Zealand Temple President William Campbell spoke and asked the children when they went home to remind their parents that they wanted to be part of an eternal family.

Elder Lindsay T. Dill, an Area Authority Seventy and counselor in the Australia/New Zealand Area presidency, captured the children’s attention with his stories aimed at helping them “remember the temple.” He encouraged them to always remember to find their way home to the temple.

Prime minister turns on lights on New Zealand temple grounds

By Marilynn Leonard

Church News contributor

HAMILTON, New Zealand — The Honorable Helen Clark, prime minister of New Zealand, was special guest during the annual Christmas Lights Display and concert at the Hamilton New Zealand Temple Visitors Center on Dec. 21.

Hamilton New Zealand Temple
Hamilton New Zealand Temple | Credit: The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

This was the second year dignitaries of national prominence have turned on the lights on the temple grounds. Each night from Dec. 1 through 24, a concert of Christmas and sacred music was followed by the “turning on of the lights” by the nightly guest. A live nativity play of the birth of Jesus Christ was repeated three times during the evening’s celebration.

In addition to the prime minister, special guests included prominent New Zealand business people, radio and TV personalities, major sports figures and leaders of various local churches.

They included Leilani Joyce, the second ranked squash player in the world and member of the Church; Monica Leggat of women’s national Silverfern Netball fame; John Gallagher, owner of the fourth largest fencing and security systems company in the world; the Rev. Dennis Brown, Catholic Bishop of Hamilton; and Bill English, leader of the Opposition and National Party.

“After the dignitary delivered a brief Christmas message and the lights were turned on, guests were given a formal tour of the visitors center where they learned more about the Church,” said Elder Leo D. Leonard, visitors center director.

He said that guests this year were eager to share their time and deliver a Christmas message. Bill English shared with members of the Hamilton Rotary Club his positive experiences of the Church and explained the Church’s emphasis on families and Jesus Christ.

“I had a very special and exciting time,” said Mr. English. “Temple View . . . is the best kept secret in New Zealand. People come from all over New Zealand and the world to see the lights, regardless of race or religion.

“They are united in celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ. These are the people we must be like.

“After we turned on the lights, we went on a tour of the visitors center where we were told that Jesus Christ is the center of their religion and how He taught the Jewish people and people in other parts of the world. This story of His teachings is contained in the Book of Mormon.

“I also heard this young lady missionary talk about [ancient] plates that contained these teachings that were put into the Book of Mormon. These Latter-day Saints have the right answer for us. My wife, Mary, and I have a special night — the way the Mormons do — that is devoted just to the family. We call it our ‘No Excuses Night.’ It’s the one night of the week that we have no excuses not to spend time together as a family.”

The Rev. Brown spoke to city leaders shortly after his visit to Temple View and told how he enthusiastically supported the Latter-day Saint effort. “We join them in getting Christmas turned around straightaways,” he said. “You must take your families see the lights, and take a tour.”

The lights ceremony and tour occur nightly from Dec. 1 through Jan. 4, 2002. Choirs from throughout the country performed through Christmas Eve.

“To make all this happen requires a year of planning and hundreds of volunteers to put up and maintain the lights,” said Elder Leonard.

“Approximately 150,000 people viewed the lights in 2000. This Christmas daily rains and cold weather have reduced crowds to an average of 3,000 per night.”

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