Melbourne Australia Temple

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Announced: Oct. 30, 1998.

Location: Corner of Cathies Lane and Pumps Lane; 76 Cathies Lane, Wantima South, VIC 3152, Australia; phone: (61) 3-9881-9700; no clothing rental.

Site: 5.98 acres, including adjoining meetinghouse.

Exterior finish: Snow white granite.

Temple design: Traditional.

Architect: Warwick Tempany and Church A&E Services.

Project manager: Graham Sully.

Contractor: Probuild.

Rooms: Celestial room, two ordinance rooms, two sealing rooms and a baptistry.

Total floor area: 10,700 square feet.

Dimensions: 149 feet by 77 feet.

District: Melbourne, Hobart, Devonport stakes and Albury districts.

Groundbreaking, site dedication: March 20, 1999, by Elder P. Bruce Mitchell, Area Authority Seventy and second counselor in the Australia/New Zealand Area presidency.

Dedication: June 16, 2000, by President Gordon B. Hinckley; 4 sessions.

Dedicatory Prayer

Done by President Gordon B Hinckley

Our beloved Father in heaven, Thou great God whose holy name is from everlasting to everlasting, we come before Thee in sacred and solemn prayer. We are assembled to dedicate Thy holy house. This is an occasion to which we have long looked forward, when a temple of the Lord would stand in our midst to bless us and the generations of our posterity, as well as the uncounted generations of those who have gone before us. We are profoundly grateful for this prophetic day. We praise Thee. We sing anthems of love unto Thee. We seek to glorify Thy holy name and enlarge our understanding of Thy divine purposes as we contemplate the ordinances of this Thy house which will be made available to us.

We have built this sacred edifice as a gift to Thee. Wilt Thou accept it, Father, and bless it. Wilt Thou honor it with Thy presence, and cause that Thy Holy Spirit may dwell here.

Now, acting in the authority of the holy priesthood, even the fulness of the priesthood, and in the sacred name of our Lord Jesus Christ, we dedicate this the Melbourne Australia Temple of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints unto Thee and to Thy Son. We dedicate the ground on which it stands and that which surrounds it, that it may ever be beautiful with the wondrous gifts of nature. We dedicate the structure in its entirety from the footings to the figure of Moroni. We dedicate the walls and windows, the beautiful baptistry, the ordinance rooms, the magnificent celestial room and the sealing rooms with their sacred altars. We dedicate the halls and offices and all other facilities of Thy house.

It is now vested with a peculiar and wonderful sanctity. Henceforth it will be open only to those who are properly recommended as worthy to enter its portals. As they come here, we pray that Thou wilt endow them with special blessings, with sacred covenants, with wondrous promises that only Thou canst give. May they know that they walk through sacred halls. May they always act reverently as Thy guests. May they leave rejoicing, standing taller as sons and daughters of God, with strengthened resolve to walk in Thy paths.

We pray for all who shall serve here, for the temple presidency and the matron and her assistants, for all of the workers, and for all who will give time and strength in keeping Thy house clean and beautiful.

We are mindful of those throughout the world whose tithes and offerings have made this structure possible. Wilt Thou bless them wherever they may be. Reward their faith. Smile with favor upon them and prosper them in their labors.

We remember before Thee the cause of Zion in all the earth. Bless Thy people wherever they may be. All are children of the covenant, having taken upon themselves the name of Thy Divine Son, with promises to walk in obedience to His commandments.

We are grateful for this nation of Australia, where we may worship Thee in peace, without molestation or fear or threat. Bless this land that is may remain ever strong, a nation of peace and progress among the nations of the earth.

We pray Thy blessings upon the missionaries who serve here that Thou wilt lead them by Thy Spirit to those who will accept the truth. Make their labors fruitful. Save them from harm and evil. "Put upon thy servants the testimony of the covenant, that when they go out and proclaim thy word they may seal up the law, and prepare the hearts of thy saints for all those judgements thou art about to send" (D&C 109:38).

And now, our dear Father, we declare our love for Thee and for Thine Only Begotten Son, our Savior and Redeemer. May we ever walk in faith and faithfulness before Thee, we humbly pray in His holy name, even the name of Jesus Christ, amen.

Ground is broken for Melbourne temple

By Lindsay J. Sanders

Victorian Multi-stake director of public affairs

MELBOURNE, Australia — "It's no surprise that we are commencing a temple here, at this time," Elder P. Bruce Mitchell told the 350 members and friends at the groundbreaking service for the Melbourne Australia Temple March 20.

Melbourne Australia Temple
Melbourne Australia Temple | The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

Speaking in the Melbourne Australia Maroondah Stake center, Elder Mitchell, an Area Authority Seventy, stated that the faithfulness of the Saints in attending the Sydney Australia Temple every weekend during the past 15 years had not gone unnoticed by the Lord. The trip to Sydney required a 12-hour bus journey each way.

The Melbourne temple, announced late last year, will be built on property adjacent to the Maroondah stake center, with the temple district encompassing the states of Victoria, Tasmania and Southern New South Wales.

In his remarks, Elder Mitchell, second counselor in the Australia/New Zealand Area presidency, quoted Elder John A. Widstoe of the Quorum of the Twelve: " 'When we go through the temple for other people we taste the sweet joy of saviorhood and our stature becomes more like the Savior Jesus Christ who died to save us all.' "

Elder Mitchell then thanked the various groups, including neighbors, architects and planners for facilitating the smooth passage of planning approvals and paid tribute to those who over many years had pioneered, through sacrifice and service, the coming of this day.

He asked that members in their prayers during the next 12 months pray daily that all would go well in the building of the temple and that there would be no mishaps or undue delays.

Other speakers included Pres. Malcolm Mullis of the Melbourne Australia Heidelberg Stake, Pres. Jon Galanos of the Melbourne Australia Maroondah Stake and Sister Christine Mathieson, Melbourne Australia Melbourne West Stake Relief Society president.

After the service in the stake center, the gathering moved to the construction site where Elder Mitchell conducted the ceremonial turning of the first shovel of soil. Assisting him were current and former stake and district leaders. Then others attending the groundbreaking, including many families, were invited to take a turn with the shovel.

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