Sister Carol F. McConkie: ‘Live according to the words of the prophets’

Credit: IRI
Credit: IRI
Credit: IRI

“To be in harmony with heaven’s divine purposes, we sustain the prophet and choose to live according to his words,” said Sister Carol F. McConkie, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, in the Sunday morning session of general conference.

“We also sustain President [Thomas S.] Monson’s counselors and the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles as prophets, seers and revelators,” she added. “They have the right, power and authority to declare the mind and will of the Lord subject to the President of the Church. They speak in the name of Christ. They prophesy in the name of Christ. They do all things in the name of the Lord. In their words we feel the Savior’s love.”

Sister McConkie expressed her gratitude to be part of a church with living apostles and prophets led by Jesus Christ.

“The Lord’s house is a house of order and we need never be deceived about where to look for answers to our questions, or uncertain about which voice to follow,” she said.

“When we choose to live according to the words of the prophets, we are on the covenant path that leads to eternal perfection.”

Drawing from the scriptures, Sister McConkie told of a poor widow who was promised a barrel of meal that would not waste and oil that would not fail if she would feed the prophet Elijah. She had hardly enough food for herself and her son.

“The Lord gave the widow the opportunity to choose to believe and obey the words of the prophet,” Sister McConkie said. She was blessed as promised by her obedience.

Sister McConkie made a parallel to the latter days. “In a world threatened by famine of righteousness and spiritual starvation, we have been commanded to sustain the prophet. As we give heed to, uphold and affirm prophetic word, we witness that we have the faith to humbly submit to the will, the wisdom and the timing of the Lord.”

She continued, “We heed prophetic word even when it may seem unreasonable, inconvenient and uncomfortable. According to the world’s standards, following the prophet may be unpopular, politically incorrect or socially unacceptable. But following the prophet is always right.”

Following the prophet is a choice, said Sister McConkie. Those who follow his counsel will be honored and favored of the Lord.

“As we prayerfully read and study sacred prophetic word with faith in Christ, with real intent, the Holy Ghost will speak truth to our minds and hearts. May we open our ears to hear, our hearts to understand and our minds that the mysteries of God may be unfolded to our view,” she said.

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