Elder Richard G. Scott: ‘I have given you an example’

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Credit: Deseret News
Credit: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Credit: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News
Credit: Kristin Murphy, Deseret News

“We best serve our Father in Heaven by righteously influencing others and serving them,” Elder Richard G. Scott of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles said during the Saturday afternoon session of general conference.

“The greatest example who ever walked the earth is our Savior, Jesus Christ,” he said. “His mortal ministry was filled with teaching, serving and loving others. He sat down with individuals who were judged to be unworthy of His companionship. He loved each of them. He discerned their needs and taught them His gospel. He invited us to follow His perfect example.”

Sharing examples of two people in his own life — his grandmother and his wife —Elder Scott shared of how their influence helped him to find the divinely appointed path that aided in his spiritual progression.

“Both Grandmother Whittle and Jeanene loved me enough to share their conviction that the ordinances of the gospel and serving Father in Heaven would bless my life,” he said. “Neither of them coerced me or made me feel bad about the person I was. They simply loved me and loved Father in Heaven. Both knew He could do more with my life than I could on my own.”

After asking members of the congregation how they can become such a significant influence to others, Elder Scott answered by saying they must sincerely love those they want to righteously help. As they do this, the people they want to help will begin to develop confidence in God’s love.

“Giving them confidence in your love can help them to develop faith in God’s love,” he said. “Then through your loving, thoughtful communication their lives will be blessed by your sharing lessons you have learned, experiences you have had, and principles you have followed to find solutions to your own struggles. Show your sincere interest in their well-being then share your testimony of the gospel of Jesus Christ.”

Members can help — in ways that are grounded in principle and doctrine — by encouraging those they love to seek to understand what the Lord would have them do. Asking questions, teaching how to pray, help in learning to recognize answers to prayer and encouraging study of the scriptures are all ways to assist in helping others understand what the Lord would have them do, as well as help prepare them for future opportunities and challenges, Elder Scott taught. As people feel loved and trusted, amazing things can happen, he added.

To be effective and to do as Christ has done, members must concentrate on the basic principle of the gospel — the Atonement of Jesus Christ.

“There is no doctrine more fundamental to our work than the Atonement of Jesus Christ,” he said. “At every appropriate opportunity testify of the Savior and the power of His Atoning sacrifice. Use scriptures that teach of Him and why He is the perfect pattern for everyone in life. You will need to study diligently. Do not become so absorbed with trivial things that you miss learning the doctrine and the teachings of the Lord. With a solid, personal, doctrinal foundation you will be a powerful source for sharing vital truths with others who desperately need them.”

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