Pocket-sized edition of LDS scriptures available to the public for the first time

Credit: IRI
Credit: Cody M. Bell, IRI

Since World War II the Church has provided members serving in the military their own set of scriptures to study and use. The old red-cover service member scripture set had a unique pocket size that many people enjoy. Until now, the military edition of the scriptures has not been available to the public.

“For years missionaries, mission presidents, Scouts, campers, youth, youth leaders, commuters and a variety of other members have been asking to purchase the pocket-sized military edition of the scriptures,” said Elder Larry R. Lawrence of the Seventy. “This set was only available to military personnel, but we did make the Book of Mormon available to the public in that size a number of years ago. Now we are making the latest edition of the whole set available to the public.”

The new set consists of the Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, Doctrine and Covenants and Pearl of Great Price. The book of Mormon will include the Guide to the Scriptures (first time available in print in English) and color illustrations.

The new set has black covers that are slightly thicker than the economy scriptures and has rounded corners to reduce corner curling. Individual pieces of the set fit perfectly in a front shirt pocket, side or back pockets of shorts or pants and backpacks.

Unlike the military set of scriptures, the new public set does not include “Principles of the Gospel,” which is a forerunner to “True to the Faith” with instructions for military personnel. This is the only difference between the military and publicly available pocket-size set.

“Though digital scriptures use has risen exponentially, printed scriptures use has remained strong,” said Elder Lawrence. “The new pocket-size allows a camper, hiker or missionary to carry printed scriptures in places where they would not want to take a digital device.”

Purchases of the new pocket-sized books available to the public can be done per set or by individual book. The sets cost $14.50 or individually the Old Testament is $5.50, New Testament, $3; Book of Mormon $4; Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price, $3 respectively. The books are available for purchase now online at and will soon be available in brick and mortar stores.

The scripture set provided to each military member as part of the pre-service orientation or at basic training installations may be ordered by bishops for the pre-service orientation through Church distribution. The military section of the Online Store ( provides a complete listing of materials for military members. Branch presidents at basic training installations may make bulk orders of these sets through the Church Military Relations Division or emailing The cost of the military scripture set is $17.

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