Elder Randall K. Bennett: ‘Your Next Step’

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In his priesthood session address, Elder Randall K. Bennett of the Seventy told about a meeting in which Latter-day Saints were asked two questions: “Who desires to live with Heavenly Father again? Who has confidence you’ll succeed?” Every hand went up on the first question and most went down on the second.

“When we perceive a gap between who we are now and who we desire to become, many are tempted to choose to lose faith and hope,” said Elder Bennett.

He assured the congregation that no one is ever alone in the pursuit of becoming clean and sanctified in order to dwell with God.

“We have heaven’s help because of Jesus Christ and His Atonement,” declared Elder Bennett.

He spoke of three principles that will help everyone on their journey back to Heavenly Father.

To illustrate the first principle he told of a grandson that fell and cried when he attempted to walk. As His parents held out their arms while calling to him, he tried again to move toward them. …

“Our loving Heavenly Father rejoices in each faithful step, and … if we fall, He rejoices in each effort to get back up and try again.”

The second principle, he said, was illustrated by two faithful Latter-day Saints, each deeply desirous of finding an eternal companion. Both prayerfully took faith-filled steps.

On a train to the temple, Yuri, a young Russian man, noticed a beautiful young woman, Mariya. Each read the Book of Mormon, hoping to find an opportunity to tell the other about the gospel. When they looked up at the same time they were astonished to see that the other was reading the Book of Mormon. In time they fell in love and were sealed in the temple.

“The emphasis here is about a second principle — the Lord more than matches our willingness to act in faith. Our willingness to take a step is not just met — it is exceeded —by the Lord's promised blessings,” Elder Bennett said.

“Two essential weekly signposts that mark our journey to our Heavenly Father are the perpetual covenants of the ordinance of the sacrament and our Sabbath observance. …"

Another signpost is attending the temple, "where we are blessed to receive saving ordinances for ourselves and for our departed loved ones.”

Elder Bennett spoke of a third principle: “We must counter the natural man’s tendency to procrastinate, to put off or give up. …

“We fail only if we fail to take another faithful step forward. We will not fail if we are faithfully yoked to the Savior of the world—He who has never failed … and will never fail us!”


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