Elder Claudio R. M. Costa: ‘That They Do Always Remember Him’

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Starting a tradition of telling the stories of Jesus to children and families is a very special way to keep the Sabbath day holy in Latter-day Saint homes, said Elder Claudio R. M. Costa of the Seventy.

“This will surely bring a special spirit to our home and provide our family with examples from the Savior Himself.”

During the Sunday morning session of general conference, Elder Costa said he loves to study and ponder the life of Jesus Christ.

“I love to read scriptural passages about His sinless life, and after reading the scriptures which tell about the events experienced by Him, I close my eyes and try to visualize these sacred moments that teach me and strengthen me spiritually,” he said.

Elder Costa said he rejoices in knowing there are parents who tell stories of Christ to their children.

“I am grateful to my parents for having taught me about Christ. I continue to see how the Savior's example helps my dear wife and me as we teach our own children. My heart is filled with joy when I see my children tell stories of Christ to my grandchildren.”

Elder Costa said he is also grateful to leaders who are constantly teaching about Christ, about keeping the Sabbath day holy and about partaking of the sacrament each Sunday in honor of the Savior.

“The Sabbath and the sacrament become much more enjoyable as we study the stories of Christ,” he said. “In so doing, we create traditions that build our faith and testimony, and also protect our family.”

Elder Costa said he recently meditated on the sacrament and what it means “to always remember Him.”

Furthermore, he said, "how wonderful it is to receive the promise, during the blessing of the sacrament, that, as we always remember Him, we will always have His Spirit with us."

Elder Costa said he believes the Lord has His own timing as to when to give revelation unto His children. The sacrament is also a time for Heavenly Father to teach His children about the Atonement and for Latter-day Saints to receive revelation about it, Elder Costa said.

“It is a time to … request and to receive this knowledge. It is time for us to reverently ask God for this knowledge, and if we do, I have no doubt that we will receive this knowledge, which will bless our lives beyond measure.

“I love the Sabbath, the sacrament, and what it means. I love the Savior with all my soul.” @SJW_ChurchNews

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