Prayer of rededication for Montreal Quebec Temple

Credit: Sarah Jane Weaver
Credit: Sarah Jane Weaver
Credit: Sarah Jane Weaver
Credit: Sarah Jane Weaver

• Following is the text of the prayer President Henry B. Eyring, first counselor in the First Presidency, offered to rededicate the Montreal Quebec Temple on Nov. 22, 2015.

O God, our Beloved Father in Heaven, in the name of Thy Beloved Son, Jesus Christ, we approach Thee in solemn prayer with gratitude for the blessings Thou hast showered upon us. First, and foremost, we remember the gift of Thy Son, the great Jehovah, who came down from His place in glory at Thy side to offer His infinite sacrifice that makes it possible for us to return again to Thee.

We are grateful for the faith which has made possible the great privilege of a temple in this place. Because of the faith of those who have come to labor in this house, thousands have been blessed in this world and in the spirit world. We are grateful for the faithful tithe payers of Thy Church who have made it possible for us to offer this holy house to Thee.

We are grateful for the restoration of the holy priesthood through Thy Prophet Joseph Smith and all of the prophets who have followed him in an unbroken line, all holding the keys of the priesthood for all the world. We thank Thee that the Prophet Elijah was sent to restore the keys of salvation and exaltation for both the living and the dead.

We thank Thee for these priesthood keys which allow us to have families sealed forever in love and in glory with Thee.

Now, acting in the authority of the everlasting priesthood, which is a bestowal from Thee, and in the name of our Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ, we rededicate and consecrate to Thee and to Thy Son, this holy house, the Montreal Quebec Temple.

We dedicate and consecrate the structure, its footings and foundations, its walls and roof, its stately spire, and the crowning figure of Moroni. We dedicate the baptistery and all the rooms and facilities used in the ordinances of Thy house including the altars of the sealing rooms.

We ask that no unclean thing shall enter the portals of this, Thy holy house. May it be sanctified to all who come here.

Wilt Thou watch over it and by Thy divine power, preserve it from the elements of nature and any evil hand that might be inclined to deface it or defile it in any way.

Bless all those who enter to feel Thy spirit and be strengthened in their faith to keep the covenants which they make here. Bless them to be drawn to this Thy Holy House, to feel the peace the Savior offers as we are yoked in His work.

May all who come here find safety and protection in their covenants. Bless them that they may feel Thy loving arms and those of the Savior in whatever challenges may come into their lives and the lives of their children. Bless them with the peace Thy Son has promised His faithful disciples.

May Thy faithful Saints of this and future generations look to this temple as a sanctuary and a place of service to Thee and to Thy children. We pray that all may be touched by the Spirit of Elijah and with it a desire to live in families forever. Please turn the hearts of fathers and mothers to their children and turn the hearts of children to their parents.

Open the way for those who are searching out the records of their forbearers. Bless them with the desire to offer the ordinances of salvation and eternal life to their family members.

May those who are endowed by Thy power in this house, go forth to the world in faith to offer the gospel of Jesus Christ to others. May all those who are endowed in this house increase in their capacity to testify and teach the gospel of Jesus Christ. May they have confidence that angels will go with them in their determination to carry the blessings of the gospel to others. May the covenants of this house touch their hearts with faith and love.

We pray for all those who will preside and serve in this sacred temple. May they have health, strength, and energy to serve the people who will come to work here. May they find great joy in His sacred service. May Thy spirit bless and purify them that the work they do here may be pleasing to Thee and to the patrons who come to worship and to make covenants.

We pray for the youth who will come to this holy temple. Bless them as they bring the names of their ancestors to the baptistry, that they may feel Thy approval and the gratitude and love of those for whom they do the work.

May those who come to perform sealings for members of their family, who are in the spirit world waiting to be joined by the everlasting sealing covenant, feel joy and gratitude for these eternal blessings.

We pray that those who are sealed as husband and wife in this house will feel joy, love, and protection in their marriages and in their families.

May the influence of this temple reach out into the communities from which the patrons will come. Bless them that their hearts, too, will be turned to God and feel a yearning for the blessings of the House of the Lord.

Please bless the missionaries that they may find those who have been prepared and who are searching for the blessings only available in the house of God.

On this historic day in Canada, we sing Thy praises dear Father. We are mindful that Thou art God, the Father of our spirits, the Almighty Governor of the universe. How thankful we are that we know Thou hearest and wilt answer our prayers. We pray for these blessings on this day of rededication of the Montreal Quebec Temple as we renew our faith and strengthen our determination to honor our own covenants, in the name of Him who is our Redeemer, our Savior, our Lord, and our King, even Jesus Christ, amen.

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