Groundbreaking for Lisbon Portugal Temple

Rendering of the Lisbon Portugal Temple. Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Europe Area President Elder Patrick Kearon and his wife, Sister Jennifer Kearon, break ground for the Lisbon Portugal temple with local civic leaders. Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Credit: IRI
Credit: IRI
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Credit: IRI
Children join other church members and leaders to break ground as part of the Lisbon Portugal Temple groundbreaking. Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.
Credit: IRI


More than five years after President Thomas S. Monson announced plans for a temple in Lisbon, Portugal, excited Church members joined with Church and civic leaders on Dec. 5 for the ceremonial groundbreaking of the country’s first temple.

Described as “a great blessing for the Portuguese Saints,” by Europe Area President Elder Patrick Kearon, when completed, the temple will be one of 14 operating temples in Europe.

“The Lisbon Temple groundbreaking is the culmination of years of hope and prayers and faith,” Elder Kearon said in a video posted on “It’s just a glorious moment for the 42,000 Latter-day Saints who live in Portugal.”

Church members in Portugal were able to view the proceedings live from local LDS buildings, and Elder Kearon presided over the event. Elder Kearon spoke of the temple’s sacred role in the lives of members and of the holy edifice as a place of instruction, of revelation and of covenants.

“It is a privilege to take part in this joyful moment,” said Elder Kearon, according to “The temple will be a bright symbol of our faith, our gratitude to our loving Father in Heaven and His Son, Jesus Christ. We pray for those who will be involved in building this sacred place, and know that it will be a blessing to the people of Portugal.”

The Lisbon Portugal Temple — announced by President Monson in general conference on Oct. 2, 2010 — will be in the northeastern part of the country’s capital city and will serve more than 42,000 members living in the country. The temple district includes all Church members living in the continental Portugal, as well as the islands of the Azores and Madeira.

“In the temple we can perform ceremonies for this life and beyond,” said Elder Joaquim J. Moreira, an Area Seventy. “We can have eternal families and this is a blessing that our members have been waiting for a long time.”

The temple will have a limestone exterior and, following the pattern of most modern temples, the interior will feature artwork inspired by the local landscape. It will be built on 4.6 acres and will be approximately 23,730 square feet.

Dates for an open house will be announced when the temple is near completion. The Church now has 148 operating temples around the globe.

“To have a temple in Portugal is a symbol of our growth, a symbol of our confidence in Portugal, in our Church, and in our people here. It will be a great symbol of our faith, and a beautiful part of this landscape for many decades to come,” said Elder Kearon in a video on

The address for the temple is Avenida Dom Jooo II, Parque das Nacoes, Lotes 4.72.1 e 4.73.1 Lisboa, Portugal. @marianne_holman

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