New Church online donation system

Credit: LDS Church
Credit: LDS Church
Credit: LDS Church

According to a statement issued by the Church on Wednesday, April 29, approval has been given for an electronic method for members in the United States to pay tithing and submit other charitable donations such as humanitarian relief. The Church Online Donations website will be rolled out to congregations in the United States throughout 2015, and the Church will notify local leaders when it is available in their area.

The website will allow members in the United States an additional way to submit contributions to the Church. Tithing, fast offerings and other donations have been given in envelopes to the local bishoprics or branch presidencies.

"The new online donations process does not replace previous methods for paying tithes and offerings,” said Church public affairs representative Eric Hawkins. Other methods of making donations — such as online transactions through local banks, credit unions or "bill payment" processes — will still be available. “ "If someone still wants to pay with an envelope, that is still fine. This is simply another option," he said.

The Church’s Finance and Records Department says the initial site not only demonstrated a simplified donation process for members, but also showed that this new approach reduced the load on local leaders and clerks charged with processing donations. The Church will notify local leaders when it becomes available in their area.

“The new online donation system requires the use of a U.S. bank account," said Brother Hawkins. “If someone lives in another country but has an account in the U.S., it may be available to them."

Another benefit of the new online system is the ability to contribute to a friend's or family member’s LDS mission. Regardless of Church membership, with an LDS account, individuals can donate to help financially support an LDS missionary without needing to mail or deliver an envelope to local leadership.

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