LDS women among state mothers of year

Since 1935, American Mothers, Inc. has been honoring motherhood by naming “Mother of the Year” and “Young Mother of the Year” representatives every year from each state in the U.S.

The mission of the organization is “to champion women by honoring, educating and serving mothers at home, at work and in the world.”

Many of the women recognized in the two categories are members of the Church. Below is a list of LDS women recognized and the state in which they reside:

Mother of the Year:

Alaska — Vicki Solberg

Arizona — Bette Doxey

California — JoAnn Michaels

Idaho — Erika Soelberg

Nevada — Candy Krausman

North Dakota — Margaret Shaw

Utah — Jan M. Zogmaister

Young Mother of the Year:

Alaska — Valerie Owens

Colorado — Shalyn Heath

Hawaii — Laurie Horita

North Dakota — Anneli Osmond

Texas — Bethany Paterno

Utah — Marilyn Bazinet

Wisconsin — Stephanie Roger

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