New stake presidents

Stake reorganizations

ROTTERDAM NETHERLANDS STAKE: (May 3, 2015) President — Marvin Michael Bykerk, 37, consultant; succeeding Jelmer De Jonge; wife, Deira Sian Patel Bykerk. Counselors — Stephen Cornelis Van Rangelrooy, 46, account manager; wife, Miriam Schram Van Rangelrooy. Arjan De Jong, 41, technical sales support; wife, Millenia Desiree Brockzittes De Jong.

SALTILLO MEXICO REPUBLICA STAKE: (April 26 2015) President — Raul Marines Gomez, 47, business owner; succeeding Heleman Montejo; wife; Gabriela Magdalena Valdes Castaneda. Counselors — Salvador Andres Blanco Suarez, 54, government worker; wife, Lydia Alejandra Benavides Mendoza. Jesus Venegas Munoz, 59, government worker; wife, Alicia Rodriguez Acevedo.

SANDY UTAH CENTRAL STAKE: (April 26, 2015) President — Larry David Monson, 48, physical therapist and teacher; succeeding Kent R. Hilton; wife, Jennifer Sue Beck Monson. Counselors — Shane Oliver Cook, 54, vice president of operations at McArthur Homes; wife, Linda Diane McArthur Cook. Daron H. Smith, 47, chief financial officer for Holmes Homes; wife, Melody Supapron Capps Smith.

SILVER CITY NEW MEXICO STAKE: (April 26, 2015) President — Justin Clayton Porter, 40, dentist; succeeding Thomas L. Shelley; wife, Kristi Kay Richins Porter. Counselors — Grant James Welker, 41, controller; wife, Marla Jean Kartchner Welker. David Ray Wertz, 43, teacher; wife, Alice Seton McCarvel Wertz.

ST. LOUIS MISSOURI STAKE: (April 12, 2015) President — John Stuart Bunderson, 48, professor; succeeding Paul F. Hintze; wife, Maren Christine Mouritsen Bunderson. Counselors — Michael Paul Fuller, 49, physician; wife, Gina Bunnell Fuller. Tyler F. Cluff, 44, vice president of Mosby Building Arts; wife, Floris Anne Olsen Cluff.

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