Elder Peter F. Meurs: 'The Sacrament Can Help Us Become Holy'

A multitude of blessings are available to Latter-day Saints as they increase their preparation and spiritual participation in the ordinance of the sacrament, said Elder Peter F. Meurs, a General Authority Seventy.

“These blessings are available to us because of the love of our Father in Heaven and the infinite atoning sacrifice of His Beloved Son, Jesus Christ,” he said.

Speaking during the Sunday morning session of general conference, Elder Meurs recalled attending sacrament meetings as a child in Warrnambool, Australia, with 10 or 15 others. “As a 5-year-old, I could not understand the full meaning of what was being said or done; however, I knew something special was occurring. I could feel the calm and reassuring influence of the Holy Ghost.”

Consider five ways to increase “the impact and power of our regular participation in the sacred ordinance of the sacrament, an ordinance that can help us become holy.”

1. Prepare in advance. “We can begin our preparation for the sacrament well before sacrament meeting begins,” he said.

2. Arrive early. “Our sacrament experience can be enhanced when we arrive well before the meeting and ponder as the prelude music is played.”

3. Sing and learn from the words of the sacrament hymn. “The sacrament hymn is an especially important part of our sacrament experience. Music elevates our thoughts and feelings.”

4. Spiritually participate in the sacrament prayers. “Instead of tuning out the familiar words of the sacrament prayers, we can learn much, and feel even more, as we participate spiritually by considering the commitments and associated blessings included in these sacred prayers.”

5. Ponder and remember Him as the sacrament emblems are passed. “The reverent moments as priesthood holders pass the sacrament can become sacred to us,” he said.

Elder Meurs told Church members, as they consider their sacrament experience, to ask themselves: “What will I do this week to better prepare for the sacrament? Could I contribute more to the reverence and revelation that can accompany the beginning of sacrament meeting? What doctrine was taught in the sacrament hymn? What did I hear and feel as I listened to the sacrament prayers? What did I think about as the sacrament was passed?” @SJW_ChurchNews

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