Sister Michelle D. Craig: 'Divine Discontent'

First counselor in the Young Women general presidency

Notable quotes:

Sister Craig spoke on the topic "Divine Discontent" during her address in the October 2018 general women's session:

“Whether they are direct promptings or just impulses to help, a good deed is never wasted; for ‘charity never faileth’ — and is never the wrong response.”“Sisters, you and I can plead for the Holy Ghost to show us ‘all things what we should do,’ even when our to-do list already looks full.”“What you have to offer is more than enough — even with your human frailties and weaknesses — if you rely on the grace of God.”

Talk summary:

“Divine discontent comes when we compare what we are to what we have the power to become. Each of us, if we are honest, feels a gap between where and who we are, and where and who we want to become. We yearn for greater personal capacity.”

These feelings are God-given and create an urgency to act.

“Divine discontent it is not an invitation to stay in our comfort zone, nor will it lead us to despair. I have learned that when I wallow in thoughts of everything I am not, I do not progress, and I find it much more difficult to feel and follow the Spirit.”

One way to tell divine discontent from Satan’s counterfeit is that divine discontent will lead a person to faithful action, to follow the promptings to do good, and will ultimately lead a person to Christ.

“Divine discontent motivates us to follow the example of the Savior, who 'went about doing good.' As we walk the path of discipleship, we will receive spiritual nudges to reach out to others.”


Sister Craig encouraged listeners to "live and care in a 'higher and holier way' and to 'take a step higher' and follow the example of the Savior, who went about doing good."

Speaker snapshot:

Sister Michelle D. Craig was sustained to be the first counselor in the Young Women general presidency on March 31, 2018.At the time of her call she was serving as a member of the Primary general board.She spent her last few years of high school living in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, where her father presided over the mission.She served a mission in the Dominican Republic.She has a bachelor's degree in elementary education from Brigham Young University.She and her husband, Brother Boyd Craig, are the parents of three children.

On the web:

In a Facebook post at the end of September, Sister Craig talked about how she is looking forward to general conference and learning by the Spirit.

  • Sister Craig has been very active on Facebook. In multiple posts she has shared a response to President Russell M. Nelson’s invitation for the youth to keep on the covenant path comparing life to a scenic road trip back to Heavenly Parents, shared personal experiences in her garden and with young women, as well as reached out to those who have been personally affected by suicide.

Before World Suicide Prevention Day on Sept. 10, Sister Craig shared a message of hope for those who are overwhelmed with loneliness or despair.

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