Elder Neil L. Andersen: 'Wounded'

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Notable quotes:

Here are three memorable quotes from Elder Andersen’s October 2018 general conference address:

“Along with the bright colors of happiness and joy, the darker colored threads of trial and tragedy are woven deeply into the fabric of our Father’s plan. These struggles, although difficult, often become our greatest teachers.”“Never give up — however deep the wounds of your soul, whatever their source, wherever or whenever they happen, and for how short or long they persist, you are not meant to perish spiritually. You are meant to survive spiritually and blossom in your faith and trust in God.”“The wounded who nurse the wounds of others are God’s angels on earth.”

Talk summary:

Although the details will differ, the tragedies, the unanticipated tests and trials, both physical and spiritual, come to every person.

“This is mortality.”

Intermingled with joy and happiness, one thing is certain: there will be moments, hours, days, sometimes even years when an individual’s soul is wounded.

“Wounds of the soul are not unique to the rich or the poor, to one culture, one nation, or one generation. They come to all, and are a part of the learning we receive from this mortal experience.”

Because difficulties are part of life, all must be ready for them.

“How can painful wounds be for our good? In the crucible of earthly trials, as we patiently stand steady, the Savior’s healing power brings light, understanding, peace and hope.”


Looking for ways to apply what Elder Andersen talked about? Here are a few ideas from his talk.

Repentance is powerful medicine. “Keep the commandments and be worthy of the Comforter, remembering the Savior promised, 'I will not leave you comfortless: I will come to you.’”The peace of the temple is a soothing balm to the wounded soul. “Return to the Lord’s house with your family names as frequently as possible. The temple projects our brief moment in mortality onto the wide screen of eternity.”Look backward. “You proved your worthiness in your premortal state. You are a valiant child of God, and with His help, you can triumph in the battles of this fallen world. You have done it before and you can do it again.”

Speaker Snapshot:

Get to know the person behind the talk with this snapshot

Elder Andersen was called to the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles on April 4, 2009.In the 1970s, he served his mission in France.From 1989-1992 he served as president of the France Bordeaux Mission.Elder Andersen is multilingual, speaking French, Portuguese and Spanish, in addition to English.Born in Logan, Utah, in 1951, he’s 67 years old — the same age as Elder Ronald A. Rasband.Elder Andersen grew up on a dairy farm in Pocatello, Idaho.A graduate from Brigham Young University, Elder Andersen also received a master's degree in business administration from Harvard

On the web:

See what Elder Andersen has been saying lately on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.Recently, Elder Andersen’s Facebook account posted about the importance of listening to the Holy Ghost.

  • See what Elder Andersen has been saying lately on his Twitter, Instagram and Facebook accounts.
  • Recently, Elder Andersen’s Facebook account posted about the importance of listening to the Holy Ghost.

On Twitter, Elder Andersen also talked about getting to meet children in Africa.

Fun Facts:

Elder and Sister Andersen recently traveled with President Nelson to central and eastern Canada to meet with Church members there.He is a mentor to recently called Apostle, Elder Ulisses Soares.Elder Andersen serves on the Missionary Executive Council of the Church.Recently, Elder Andersen spoke in a seminar to new mission presidents about how repentance is “more than just a check box.”

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