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New stake presidents

AMMON IDAHO FOOTHILLS STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2018) President — Von D. Crofts, 51, general manager, Rocky Mountain Diabetes Center; succeeding Michael C. Biddulph; wife, Jennifer L. V. Crofts. Counselors — Cary J. Hansen, 52, president, Conrad and Bischoff; wife, LeAnn B. Hansen. Marcus E. Murphy, 54, anesthesiologist; wife, Janiece L. S. Murphy.

APIA SAMOA STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2018) President — Denny Faalogo, 48, senior accountant, LDS Church; succeeding Ulisone Tuia; wife, Alexandra Sonau. Counselors — Jerome Vaoliko, 42, office clerk, Yazaki Samoa; wife, Vania Vaoliko. Spencer Taufu, 43, senior sport officer, MESC; wife, Agnes Hunt.

BLUFFDALE UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2018) President — Garn H. McMullin, 58, managing member, Dixsons, LLC; succeeding Scott L. Howell; wife, Pamela E. S. McMullin. Counselors — Randall R. Park, 53, project development director, Utah Department of Transportation; wife, Amy Park. James F. Randall, 42, self-employed; wife, Mandy Kay C. Randall.

CAMAÇARI BRAZIL CENTRAL STAKE: (Feb. 5, 2018) President — Argemiro Barroso Neto, 50, self-reliance director, LDS Church; succeeding Jesse de Oliveira e Sá; wife, Cleniriam R. M. Barroso. Counselors — Mauricio dos Santos Souza, 33, accounting assistant, Omni Contabilidade; wife, Elaine Meira de Silva. Anderson Sena dos Santos, 29, technical consultant, SMC Pneumaticos; wife, Anna Carolina Soares de Roma Sena.

DUBLIN IRELAND STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2018) President — Mark A. Coffey, 47, IT manager, Interactive Services; succeeding Bernard C. P’Farrell; wife, Suzanne M. K. Coffey. Counselors — Michael J. Holton, 46, courts registrar, Courts Service; wife, Cherie Mae J. Holton. Rafil J. Haji, 37, risk officer, SEB Life International; wife, Emily R. Haji.

FARMINGTON UTAH SOUTH STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2018) President — Robert D. Howell, 52, senior manager, LDS Church public affairs; succeeding Terry E. Welch; wife, Jami Jo B. Howell. Counselors — Anthony M. Benjamin, 50, self-employed; wife, Annette T. Benjamin. Alan K. Barlow, 54, teacher; wife, Julianne J. Barlow.

FORTALEZA BRAZIL STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2018) President — Glauber F. Cintra, 50, professor; succeeding Henrique Sl Simplicio; wife, Fabinana N. B. Cintra. Counselors — Nefisson R. V. Pinheiro, 40, self-employed; wife, Nagela M. A. Pinheiro. Thiago do Santos Castro, 32, supervisor, BRF; wife, Sheila F. da Silva.

KENNEWICK WASHINGTON STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2018) President — Tyler C. Sorenson, 48, director of agronomy, Agri Northwest; succeeding Richard J. Meyer; wife, Karen E. Sorenson. Counselors — David A. Baird, 65, supervisor, Bechtel; wife, Margaret M. Baird. John R. Almond, 51, orthodontist; wife, Anne Barbara F. Almond.

LAKE HAVASU CITY ARIZONA STAKE: (Feb. 18, 2018) President — Mitchell DK Kalauli, 49, judge; succeeding Larry C. Lundin; wife, Nickie A. P. Kalauli. Counselors — John M. Ulmer, 58, farmer; wife, Terri G. H. Ulmer. Donald R. Anderson, 61, human resources, Fort Mojave Indian Tribe; wife, Holly Lynn S. Anderson.

LIMA PERU SANTA PATRICIA STAKE: (Feb. 25, 2018) President — Alfredo F. Altamirano Linares, 42, administrative manager, Biosbell; succeeding Z. Rudy Palhua Romero; wife, Vanessa R. Galvez Acevedo. Counselors — Gerardo M. Campero Cardozo, 36, MTC manager, LDS Church; wife, Jakeline Yorio Teran. Torres Eduardo Silva, 43, regional manager, LDS Church; wife, Liliana I. Juares Sandoval.

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