Elder Quentin L. Cook: ‘Adjustments to Strengthen Children and Youth’

Quorum of the Twelve Apostles

Notable quotes:

"These efforts, together will those announced during the last two years, are not isolated changes. Each of the adjustments is an integral part of an interlocking pattern to bless the Saints and prepare them to meet God."

"We are confident that more young men and young women will rise to the challenge and stay on the covenant path with this laser-like focus on our faith."

"I promise and testify that these comprehensive adjustments, under the direction of an inspired president and prophet, Russell M. Nelson, will empower and strengthen every member of the Church."

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Summary points:

  • The primary role of bishops is to care for young men and young women.
  • Bishoprics will preside over the Aaronic Priesthood and ward Young Men presidencies will be discontinued.
  • Ward Young Women presidents will report directly to the bishop. 

Talk summary:

In addition to the “Come, Follow Me” curriculum in the home and the new Children and Youth program, the Church has also prepared organizational changes at ward and stake levels to make youth a more significant focus. 

First, Young Men presidencies will be discontinued at the ward level (Doctrine and Covenants 107:15). The bishop will continue to preside over the priests, and the first counselor will have specific responsibility for teachers and the second counselor for deacons. To assist the bishopric and quorum presidencies, Young Men advisers will be called.

As Relief Society presidents and elders quorum presidents continue to shoulder important responsibilities of missionary work, temple and family history work, and ministering, the bishop will be able to make the youth his priority. To further emphasize the bishop’s role in caring for youth, ward Young Women presidents will now report directly to the bishop, rather than a counselor in the bishopric.

Young Men presidencies will continue at the general and stake levels. A high councilor will be the Young Men president at the stake level and will be part of the Aaronic Priesthood-Young Women Committee. A counselor to the stake president will now chair this committee. Another high councilor will serve as the stake Sunday School president and could also serve on this committee.

Additional changes include: a ward youth council will replace the bishopric youth committee; the term “mutual” will be replaced “Young Women activities,” “Aaronic Priesthood quorum activities” or “youth activities”; the ward budget will be divided equally between young men and young women for youth activities; and the term “organization” will replace “auxiliary.” The terms “General Officers,” “stake officers” and “ward officers” will refer to those who lead organizations at stake and ward levels.

In the news:

  • While visiting Latter-day Saints in Ecuador, Elder Cook joined President Russell M. Nelson in sharing advice for how to find direction in life.
  • Speaking at the 2019 New Mission Leadership Seminar in July, Elder Cook shared two special gifts mission leaders can give their missionaries and the importance of true conversion.
  • Elder Cook visited the State of Kuwait in June to meet with government leaders and thank them for officially recognizing the Church in their nation. 
  • Speaking at the BYU Jerusalem Center for Near East Studies in Israel in June, Elder Cook highlighted the commonalities between Latter-day Saints and Jews.

About the speaker:

  • Elder Quentin L. Cook was born and raised in Logan, Utah. See 12 classic photos celebrating his life here.
  • While Elder Cook was in high school, his brother was pondering whether or not to serve a mission. They both decided to search for the answer through prayer and received a positive answer that shaped Elder Cook’s testimony for the rest of his life.
  • He serves as chairman of the Temple and Family History Executive Committee.

Recently on Social:

  • On Sept. 5, Elder Quentin L. Cook posted on Instagram about his travels to Central and South America with President Russell M. Nelson.
  • After visiting the Middle East with his wife, Sister Mary Cook, Elder Cook posted on Instagram about the commonalities of differing faiths.
  • On Twitter in June, Elder Cook shared the importance of being an example to others by following the Savior.
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