Elder Jorge M. Alvarado: ‘After the Trial of Our Faith’

General Authority Seventy

Notable quotes:

"No matter the obstacles we face in life, we can trust that Jesus Christ will prepare a way forward as we walk with faith."

"Understanding the ‘why’ of the gospel of Jesus Christ can also help us face our trials with faith."

"The influence we have on our children is more powerful as they see us walking faithfully on the covenant path."

Summary points:

  • As we trust the Lord and follow Him, He will prepare a way through trials. 
  • Parents should set the example and help children learn to use their agency wisely.
  • The faith of parents can help children meet their own trials of faith.

Talk summary:

Trials in this life are inevitable. But no matter what obstacles occur, Jesus Christ will prepare the way through them as individuals exercise faith and follow Him. Instead of questioning why, the question should be asked: “What should we do to best meet the trials that come our way?” 

Parents have a responsibility to teach their children to love the gospel. They can also play an essential role in helping children understand the “why” of gospel doctrine, or the meaning, purpose and blessings the gospel brings. God’s commandments are an expression of His love. He desires to bless His children. The example of righteous parents can help children to know for themselves that the gospel is true. 

Youth should seek to understand gospel truths for themselves and follow the example of the prophet Joseph Smith as he turned to God for answers. They, too, can become a strong link of faith in their family as they do so. 

To parents with children who have strayed from the covenant path, “gently help them comprehend the gospel’s truths. Start now; it is never too late.” Home-centered Church, as taught by President Russell M. Nelson, and teachings in the scriptures can build faith in families. 

Families can also be blessed by parents’ righteous examples. As illustrated by a story about a wise man who told a boy to stop eating too much candy — only after the wise man himself stopped eating too much candy — the influence parents have on children is more powerful as they themselves are pressing forward on the covenant path. Enos and the young stripling warriors are other examples of being strengthened by the faith of their parents.

In the news:

About the speaker:

  • Elder Jorge M. Alvarado was sustained as a General Authority Seventy in the April 2019 general conference.
  • When he served in the Tampa Florida Mission, he shared the Book of Mormon with everyone he taught. Missionary work also taught Elder Alvarado key lessons of obedience that serve him well to this day.
  • Elder Alvarado married his wife, Cari Lu Rios, in the Washington D.C. Temple six days before Christmas in 1992. The Alvarados are parents of three children — two daughters and a son.
  • Elder Alvarado was born in Ponce, Puerto Rico.
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