Elder Carl B. Cook: 'The Quorum — A Place of Belonging'

Of the Presidency of the Seventy

Notable quotes:

"Every priesthood holder, regardless of his situation, benefits from a strong quorum."

"The Lord would have you establish a strong quorum, a place of belonging for each and every young man, a place where the Lord's Spirit is present, a place where all quorum members are welcomed and valued."

"Heavenly Father is preparing the minds and hearts of people all around us. We can follow promptings, extend a hand of fellowship, share truth, invite others to read the Book of Mormon and love and support them as they come to know our Savior."

Summary points:

Talk summary:

When Andre Sebako first began meeting with the missionaries in his hometown of Mochudi, Botswana, there were no young men his age in the small branch of 40 members. But the loving and tight-knit group of members welcomed him and helped him to stay active following his baptism by making him feel like he belonged and encouraging him to accompany the missionaries on their lessons.

They helped establish their branch and priesthood quorum as a place of belonging, "a place where all … are welcomed and valued."

With the new home-centered focus, many members may be concerned about members of their congregations who come from "a family situation where the gospel is not studied and where there is not an environment of learning and living the gospel at home." But when there is limited support in the home, "priesthood quorums, and other leaders and friends watch over and support each individual and family as needed." That is the "Church-supported" part of the new focus.

In Andre's small branch, the support of members and missionaries not only helped to keep Andre active and growing in the gospel, but also helped to bring 11 other young men to Christ in just two years. Together, their Young Men priesthood quorum became known as "the Band of Brothers." They created an environment that was welcoming, inclusive and centered on serving others and sharing their knowledge of the gospel. "They fulfilled their priesthood responsibilities and experienced the joy of serving."

And the principles applied in the Mochudi Branch are true everywhere. "Wherever you are, your quorum can grow through activation and sharing the gospel."

About the speaker:

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