Read about these new stake presidents called to serve around the world

New stakes

A new stake has been created from the Ibadan Nigeria Stake. The Ibadan Nigeria North Stake, which consists of the Oke Itunu, Olodo and Oyo branches and the Adegbayi, Akobo, Mokola, Ojoo and Sawmill wards, was created by Elder Marcus B. Nash, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Okechukwu I. Imo, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Lehi Utah Jordan Willows Stake. The Lehi Utah Holbrook Farms Stake, which consists of the Evans Farm, Holbrook Farms 1st, Holbrook Farms 2nd, Jordan Willows 1st, Jordan Willows 2nd and Jordan Willows 7th wards, was created by Elder Larry S. Kacher, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Jorge T. Becerra, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Lima Peru Canto Grande Stake. The Lima Peru Begonias Stake, which consists of the Begonias, Canto Chico, Los Manzanos, Los Postes, Santa Fe and Viña wards, was created by Elder Hugo Montoya, General Authority Seventy, and Elder Hernando Camargo, an Area Seventy.

A new stake has been created from the Omaha Nebraska and Omaha Nebraska Papillion stakes. The Omaha Nebraska Millard Stake, which consists of the Field Club Branch and the Chalco Hills, Elmwood, Gretna, Harrison Hills, Lakeview, Millard and Rockbrook wards, was created by Elder Brian K. Taylor, General Authority Seventy, and Elder K. David Scott, an Area Seventy.

IBADAN NIGERIA NORTH STAKE: (March 24, 2019) President — Olubukola Peter Apantaku, 42, managing director, Zamop Venture Ltd.; wife, Olayemi Oluwaseun Fayose Apantaku. Counselors — James Chinanu Ogbuisi, 42, seminaries and institutes coordinator; wife, Florence Nwadiafor Emembolu Ogbuisi. Lucky Precious Anaile, 52, self-employed; wife, Olufunmilayo Flourence Olaniyi Adesanya.

LEHI UTAH HOLBROOK FARMS STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Kurt Anthony Romney, 50, director of finance, materials management department, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints; wife, Laschelle Larsen Romney. Counselors — John Edward Thorn Jr., 52, president, Harmony Education; wife, Stacy Taylor Thorn. Gordon F. Ostler, 63, vice president of business banking, Key Bank; wife, Jill Janke Ostler.

LIMA PERU BEGONIAS STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Nestor Zuñiga Acuña, 44, gardener; wife, Janeth Roxana Venegas Rodriguez. Counselors — Helmut Perez Carrasco, 36, administrator, GYU Oluciones Inf.; wife, Rosario Esther Sanchez Chaua. Carlos Enrique Cornejo Melendez, 45, accountant, Gemin Mining Construction SAC; wife, Yasmin Arlet Mariñas Velasquez.

OMAHA NEBRASKA MILARD STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Darren Robert Keiser, 50, orthopedic surgeon; wife, Jenifer Lyn Blakemore Keiser. Counselors — Bruce Douglas Louthan Jr., 42, international general manager, TSL Companies Inc.; wife, Nancy Hunter Louthan. Nathan Ronald Bennion, 36, assistant professor, clinician, University of Nebraska; wife, Katie Maurine Bowers Bennion.

Reorganized stakes

BACOLOD PHILIPPINES SOUTH STAKE: (May 5, 2019) President — Antonio Gordevilla Jayme Jr., 50, proprietor, CS General Services, Arcstone Real Estate; succeeding Jose M. L. Plaza; wife, Dynthia Deal Cruz Pajaganas Jayme. Counselors — Vincente Yntrepido Buenconsejo Jr., 43, proprietor, Buenconsejo Engineering Consultancy; wife, Juneth Pamesa Neo Buenconsejo. Serapio Jimilla Delotindo, 45, teacher, Depeo Bacoledo; wife, Catherine Pasaganas de la Cruz.

CHERRY HILL NEW JERSEY STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Kim McNaughton, 54, vice president, Arch Insurance Company; succeeding Vai Sikahema; wife, Carole Ann O’Brien McNaughton. Counselors — Craig Julian Broadbent, 55, director of web solutions, Association Headquarters, Inc.; wife, Ann Bates Broadbent. Ted Evan Drinkwater, 51, regional director of sales, Social Sentinel; wife, Allyson Evelyn Masi Drinkwater.

ELK RIDGE UTAH STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Lex David McKee, 61, high school principal, Nebo School District; succeeding Jan E. Newman; wife, Jodi Elizabeth Hull McKee. Counselors — David Charles Tuckett, 56, city manager, Payson City; wife, Susan Cook Tuckett. Dennis Clifford Christensen, 57, property developer; wife, Lila Mae Boettcher Christensen.

FRANKLIN TENNESSEE STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — James David Steanson, 46, CRNA, Integrated Anesthesia Services; succeeding William P. Grayson; wife, Kim Kinghorn Steanson. Counselors — Ronald William Pennington, 45, real estate owner and investor; wife, Yvonne Faye Poche Pennington. Austin William Houghtaling, 40, chief clinical officer, Onsite Workshops; wife, Cristina Province Houghtaling.

GILBERT ARIZONA WILLIAMS FIELD STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Shaun R Cullimore, 48, endodontist; succeeding Jay D. Andersen; wife, Kathryn Sue Allen Cullimore. Counselors — Harold Curtis Keller, 47, general counsel, The Wolff Company; wife, Aimee Packard Keller. Adrian Christopher Moyer, 49, radiologist, Radiology Partners; wife, Angela Jean Moffitt Moyer.

HOUSTON TEXAS NORTH STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Nathanael Dee Pieper, 38, corporate banker, vice president, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation; succeeding David J. Bertoch; wife, Rachelle Marie O’Bryant Pieper. Counselors — Benjamin Van Cosby, 41, managing director, Berkman Ventures; wife, Amy Christensen Cosby. Aaron Shea Abbott, 44, revional sales manager, Apple Inc.; wife, Melissa Russell Abbott.

KEMMERER WYOMING STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Chris James Nelson, 53, manager, Rocky Mountain Power; succeeding Timothy G. Williams; wife, Shauna Marie Hathaway Nelson. Counselors — Destry Travis Dearden, 41, GIS and IT director, Lincoln County; wife, Kristi Dawn Adams Dearden. Tyler Levi Pugmire, 35, operator, Exxon Mobil; wife, Bridget Lee Norris Pugmire.

LAGOS NIGERIA IKEJA STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Moses John Ekpah, 41, assistant manager, Soulmate Inc.; succeeding Christian C. Chigbundu; wife, Rosemary Ekpa Robert Ekpah. Counselors — Oyewole Peter Oyedeji, 50, CEO, Crestbarn Processing Ltd.; wife, Olabimpe Abake Oyedeji. Uzoi Inma Michael Onyema, 43, ground security coordinator, Checkpoint Nigeria Sector Ltd.; wife, Nkechinyere Ebere Inmpey Onyema.

LEGAZPI PHILIPPINES STAKE: (March 24, 2019) President — Rodrigo Raquel Dorosan, 59, police officer; succeeding Giovanni P. Pangan; wife, Amelia Llaneta Ayo Dorosan. Counselors — Valenciano Sarto Honorato Jr., 53, facilities manager for the Church; wife, Nannette Pontillas Egana Sarto. Rodel S. Francisco, 50, self-employed; wife, Herculine Tabayocyoc Carbonell Francisco.

LOGAN UTAH MARRIED 2ND STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Steven J. Edwards, 63, owner, Edwards Performance Horses; succeding J. Lamont Poulsen; wife, Jean C. Corbridge Edwards. Counselors — Kip Eugene Panter, 67, scientist, USDA; wife, Jenifer Lee Hill Panter. Roger M Welsh, 59, real estate broker, Coldwell Banker; wife, Connie M. Maughan Welsh.

LOGAN UTAH YSA 3RD STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Corey Duane Killpack, 59, institute instructor; succeeding Robert D. Ensign; wife, Kathleen Inkley Killpack. Counselors — Douglas Mitchell Maughan, 58, institute instructor; wife, Jennifer Lynne Veibell Maughan. Corey Donald Jensen, 46, owner, CJ Electrical; wife, Gia McKenzie Rose Jensen.

LIMA PERU CANTO GRANDE STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Edinson David Vega Zavala, 32, systems engineering and processes specialist, Peruvian Social Security Administration; succeeding Ernest F. Sotomayor Vicente; wife, Mónica Bélgica Gonzales Rojas. Counselors — Carlos César Vargas Piliaca, 41, store and logistics manager, Barbaca Motors; wife, Isbel Nathaly Salvatierra Eguaul. Alfredo Nilton Torres Jurado, 26, insurance agent; wife, Rayza Mishell Vegas Tomás.

LOGAN UTAH CACHE WEST STAKE: (May 5, 2019) President — Bryce Dee Bosworth, 46, owner, U&I Furniture; succeeding Jens D. Trauntvein; wife, Monica Reeder Bosworth. Counselors — Bryan Ward Nielsen, 50, dean of education, Stevens-Henager College; wife, Shelly Marie Lloyd Nielsen. Thomas Wright Williams, 57, co-manager, Utah Public Radio, Utah State University; wife, Rebecca Jean Henson Williams.

LOGAN UTAH YSA 4TH STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — William Brent Evans, 56, physician; succeeding James T. Belliston; wife, LaRee Bartlett Evans. Counselors — Michael Desmond Hammond, 63, owner, Kater Shop; wife, Barbara Jean Armstrong Hammond. Brett Craig Daniels, 52, recreation director, Smithfield City; wife, Gaylynn Gunnell Daniels.

LOGAN UTAH YSA 5TH STAKE: (April 14, 2019) President — Steven John Miller, 55, owner, CEO, Silicone Plastics, Inc.; succeeding Jeffrey S. Job; wife, Jonnie Kae Earl Miller. Counselors — Thomas Gary Anderson, 64, distribution director, Biotix; wife, Pamela Leatham Smith Anderson. Craig Blaine Dunkley, 66, retired; wife, Cindy Thompson Dunkley.

MANAUS BRAZIL SOLIMOES STAKE: (March 24, 2019) President — Altair Barbosa Veloso, 41, outside salesperson, Araforros; succeeding Rinaldo Jose Domingos da Silva; wife, Ana Valeria Machado de Oliveira Veloso. Counselors — Raimundo do Nascimento Freitas, 46, driver, Frigelo; wife, Maria de Fátima da Costa Oliveira Oliveira. José de Jesus Braga Martel Jr., 42, engineering technical assistant, Electrobras; wife, Lady Dayana Ribeiro Barbosa.

MERCED CALIFORNIA STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Steven Mark Rowan, 62, oral and maxillofacial surgeon; succeeding Stuart R. Schofield; wife, Beverly Thompson Rowan. Counselors — Val O Fogelberg, 60, teacher, Merced High School; wife, Cheryl Lynn Walton Fogelberg. Aaron Nicosia Castleton, 39, attorney, Castleton Law Firm; wife, Melissa Marie Jack Castleton.

MESA ARIZONA CITRUS HEIGHTS STAKE: (April 14, 2019) President — Darrell Clyde Sherman, 55, executive vice president of general counsel, TMHC; succeeding Reece A. Bawden; wife, Jane Merrill Sherman. Counselors — David Robert Perkinson, 42, president, PRI Graphics; wife, Suzanne Marsh Perkinson. Karl Nathan Huish, 50, executive vice president, Artex; wife, Darcey Ellen Marshall Huish.

OAK HARBOR WASHINGTON STAKE: (May 5, 2019) President — Randy Douglas Lamb, 57, vice president of strategic initiatives, IDEX Health & Science; succeeding Randall D. Dickson; wife, Debra Barfuss Lamb. Counselors — Jason Gregory Hogge, 45, family physician; wife, Bobbilyn K Thompson Hogge. Brian Lynn Bingham, 59, director of marine sciences, professor of environmental science, Western Washington University; wife, Cynthia Doreen Doerfler Bingham.

OGDEN UTAH YSA 2ND STAKE: (April 14, 2019) President — Alan Devon Russell, 64, self-employed, Timberline Exteriors; succeeding Mikele R. Padovich; wife, Sherrie Lynn Cox Russell. Counselors — Ben Adam Della-Piana, 50, institute teacher; wife, Kristie Ann Thompson Della-Piana. Bradford Merton Sawyer, 58, private wealth advisor, US Bank; wife, Kathy Ann Read Sawyer.

PORTO ALEGRE BRAZIL PARTENON STAKE: (March 24 2019) President — Luiz Carlos Nepomuceno Jr., 35, manager of services, Becomex; succeeding Carlos G. Süffert; wife, Ana Paula Silva de Oliveira. Counselors — Luis Eduardo da Cruz, 50, commercial director, Sulseal Vedações; wife, Carla Regina Ledo da Silva. Sullivan da Silva Flores, 29, partner director, Urban Haus; wife, Gisele Pereira Bandeira.

PUNTO FIJO VENEZUELA STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Jesús Lorenzo Magallanes Pumar, 63, president, Corporación Magellan, C.A.; succeeding Alan R. Fariñas; wife, Maria Luisa Ibáñez Guzmán. Counselors — Pedro Ivan Sanchez Garcia, 37, programming analyst; wife, Astrid Carolina Ramirez. Benis Argenis Borges Exposito, 36, carpenter; wife, Esmeralda Cristal Molina.

RESISTENCIA ARGENTINA STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Dardo Dario Rico, 43, wholesaler, Sweet S.A.; succeding Mariano C. Fernandez; wife, Silvina Gricelda Araceli Salinas. Counselors — Manuel Aristides Franco, 60, managing partner, Hidro Sun S.R.L.; wife, Gradys Mirtha Benitez. Gustavo Omar Gonzalez, 45, construction worker; wife, Azucena Nurymar Garcia.

REYNOSA MEXICO EAST STAKE: (March 24, 2019) President — Martin Berra Enriquez, 35, mechanical director, sales coordinator, FYDE; succeeding Gaudencio Moya Cabrera; wife, Lizeth Adriana Rodríguez Bañuelos. Counselors — Pedro Edén Zamora González, 34, part-time professor, Autonomous University of Tamaulipas, Rodhe; wife, Anahí Hernández Morales. Monserrat Aguilar Norato, 50, radiology technician, Mexican Social Security Institute; wife, María de Jesús Mendoza Hernández.

ROY UTAH STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Kelly Lewis Taylor, 50, director of marketing, Fusion Imaging; succeeding Thomas R. Austad; wife, Nancy Marie Wilcox Taylor. Counselors — Robert Earl Peterson, 56, truck driver, Holiday Oil; wife, Cindy Savage Peterson. Aaron Balthaser Rentschler, 36, CPA, Eide Bailly; wife, JaNell Jenkins Rentschler.

SALT LAKE BONNEVILLE YSA STAKE: (April 14, 2019) President — Derek Bennett Miller, 47, CEO, Salt Lake Chamber; succeeding Keven E. Anderson; wife, Laura Best Miller. Counselors — Wayne Hales Cannon, 68, retired; wife, Gwen Richens Cannon. Charles Eugene Freedman, 53, president, Down East Affiliates Inc.; wife, Shannon M. DeNatty Freedman.

SEOUL KOREA EAST STAKE: (April 21, 2019) President — Il Kwang Choi, 49, president and CEO, Shin Jin Architecture Corporation; succeeding Christopher Hyunsu Kim; wife, Chu Boon Lee. Counselors — Jin Soo Park, 55, dentist and director, Park Jin Soo Dental Clinic; wife, Jeoung Ok Park. JinSie Kim, 47, facility administrator, Seoul Jayang High School; wife, SunYoung Park.

SETE LAGOAS BRAZIL STAKE: (March 17, 2019) President — Hudson Gonçalves Ribeiro, 44, manager, TJMG; succeeding Isaias Rodrigues de Lima; wife, Karina Pires Abreu. Counselors — Samuel Vilchez Gonçalves, 37, partner, TCCBH Transportes; wife, Marilia Gabriely Ribeiro. Fernando Augusto Souza Barros, 40, maintenance supervisor, ASK do Brasil; wife, Marcia Silva Antezana Barros.

SMITHFIELD UTAH STAKE: (April 21, 2019) President — Kim Thomas Dority, 55, mortgage loan officer, Zions Bank; succeeding Michael G. Oliverson; wife, Stacey Keiser Dority. Counselors — Jared H Thayne, 55, self-employed; wife, RaeAnne Robinson Thayne. Brad David Lewis, 58, president and owner, BJ Haml Inc.; wife, Jaylynn Daley Lewis.

ST. GEORGE UTAH SNOW CANYON STAKE: (Nov. 18, 2018) President — Chad Darrel Olson, 36, seminary teacher; succeeding Peter J. Bowden; wife, Janae Van Tassell Olson. Counselors — Benjamin Joseph Squires, 58, field service technician, Honnen Equipment; wife, Laura Ruth Griffin Squires. Brett Reynolds, 46, appliance technician, Boulevard Home Furnishings; wife, Tiffany Bea Stapley Reynolds.

TIERRA BLANCA MEXICO STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Israel Morfin Balderas, 42, technician, Bio Papel Scribe; succeeding Jose M. Diaz; wife, Adriana Jose Flores. Counselors — Enrique Barrientos Toledo, 54, employee, National Electoral Institute; wife, Xochitl del Carmen Rojas Gomez. Moises Diaz Fores, 26, field inspector, La Cuenca Alternative Crops; wife, Susana Saavedra Sanchez.

TUPELO MISSISSIPPI STAKE: (March 24, 2019) President — Eric Clay Stevens, 45, self-employed, CRNA; succeeding Gary W. Pettus; wife, Carrie Ann Nebeker Stevens. Counselors — Matthew Lamar Westcott, 38, sales employee, Southern Tire Mart; wife, Jennifer Elizabeth Spiers. Benjamin Denmark Jensen, 43, squadron commander, Air Force; wife, Amya Roberts Jensen.

VERNAL UTAH UINTAH STAKE: (April 21, 2019) President — Joshua Ryan Bake, 38, city manager, Naples City; succeeding Kurt L. Case; wife, Betsy Bishop Bake. Counselors — Shawn M Richins, 60, maintenance coordinator, Uintah School District; wife, Sandra Smuin Richins. Wade Aaron Wilson, 43, Vernal Utah Temple recorder; wife, Teala Larie Heaton Wilson.

VERNON BRITISH COLUMBIA STAKE: (March 24, 2019) President — Melvin Shayne Olsen, 51, human resources associate superintendent, School District No. 73; succeeding Andrew L. Draper; wife, Cyndy Jane Slack Olsen. Counselors — Paul Eric England, 63, retired; wife, Brenda Lynn Marcil England. Brett Wesley Poulin, 44, doctor; wife, Jennifer Lynn Salmon Poulin.

WENATCHEE WASHINGTON STAKE: (April 28, 2019) President — Patrick Alan Bucknum, 48, CEO, Community Clinic Contracting Network; succeeding Hal C. Hunsaker; wife, Deborah Cheryl Griffith Bucknum. Counselors — Brandon J Child, 43, podiatrist; wife, Emily Dickson Child. David Scott Burnett, 61, owner, orchardist; wife, Cynthia Rae Fromm Burnett.

WEST JORDAN BINGHAM CREEK STAKE: (March 31, 2019) President — Scott Franklin Black, 56, self-employed business consultant; succeeding Ronald B. Watkins; wife, Kathy Lynn Hayes Black. Counselors — Joesph Richard Hall, 58, controller, McWane Ductile; wife, Annette Lavinia Mitchell Hall. Brent William Jenson, 53, vice president and owner, Morris Murdock Travel; wife, Nicole Gilroy Jenson.