Learn about the new Santiago Chile Temple president and matron who have just been called

A new temple president and matron have been called to serve by the First Presidency. They will begin their service in November.

Juan A. and Soledad P. Urra
Juan A. and Soledad P. Urra Credit: Intellectual Reserve, Inc.

Juan Armando Urra Gómez, 61, Santa Sabina Ward, Concepción Chile Andalién Stake, called as president of the Santiago Chile Temple, succeeding President Gerardo J. Wilhelm. President Urra’s wife, Soledad Patricia Pérez Gallardo de Urra, will serve as temple matron, succeeding Sister Silvia E. Wilhelm. He is an Area Seventy, and a former Chile Antogagasta Mission president, stake president and bishop. General manager of Paperboard Manufacturing Company, he was born in Concepción, Chile, to José Orlando Urra Vera and Luisa Ludovica Gómez Muñoz.

Sister Urra is a former mission president companion, ward Relief Society president and Gospel Doctrine teacher. She was born in Temuco, Chile, to Rufino Pérez Flores and Aurora Eliana de Pérez Gallardo.