Why did President Nelson sit while speaking in general conference?

President Russell M. Nelson is the oldest President of the Church and the longest-living Apostle in this dispensation

President Russell M. Nelson — who offered his address during the Church’s October 2022 general conference while seated — posted a message on social media after the session.

“What a marvelous first session of general conference we have had!” President Nelson, 98, wrote in a message posted on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. “I felt spiritually renewed as I listened to those who spoke. They were absolutely inspiring, and I am certain the next four sessions will be equally wonderful.

“Some noticed that I sat on a chair to deliver my message this morning. What a help that was! The other day it occurred to me that I have been alive during nearly half of the number of years since The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was organized in 1830. That is a lot of years — even though I don’t feel old. My wife Wendy insists that she still can’t get me to act my age. But I will admit that sometimes even small adjustments — such as a chair — help those of us who ‘age on stage.’

“I may not ski black diamond runs anymore, but whether standing or seated, I delight in speaking and hearing words of truth. And this weekend will be filled with them. I hope you will join me in savoring the beautiful messages that still lie ahead.”

President Nelson became the 17th President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints in January 2018, after serving 34 years in the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles. He is now the oldest President of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, as well as the longest-living Apostle in this dispensation.

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President Nelson now the Church’s longest-living Apostle in the latter-day dispensation

President Nelson was ordained and set apart as the Church’s 17th president on Jan. 14, 2018, becoming the second prophet — the first being Joseph Fielding Smith — to be called as President of the Church while over the age of 90.

As President of the Church, President Nelson has traveled 115,000 miles to 35 nations on six continents — meeting with government and faith leaders and Latter-day Saints in large and small settings. He also led the Church through the COVID-19 pandemic, ministering through videoconferences and online broadcasts. Asking Latter-day Saints to gather Israel on both sides of the veil, President Nelson has also announced 100 new temples, including 17 during the April 2022 general conference.

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