Timeline of the Church and Boy Scouts of America

Following is a timeline of the Church’s century-long relationship with the Boy Scouts of America:

1907 — Scouting movement is founded in England by British General Robert Baden-Powell.

1910 — The Boy Scouts of America is incorporated as an organization; later that year, the first Scout unit in Utah is formed.

1913 — The Church officially joins the Boy Scouts of America as its first charter organization, adopting the program as the activity arm of its Mutual Improvement Association.

1928 — The Church designates Scouting as the official activity program for young men ages 12-16.

1952 — The Church announces Primary will sponsor Cub Scouting, with 11-year-old Scouts a part of a Guide Patrol under the Primary’s direction.

1954 — The Duty to God Award is created for boys ages 12-18.

1970 — The Venturing program is created for young men ages 14-15, while those 16-18 are Explorers.

1978 — Latter-day Saint leaders in Utah develop the Varsity program to eventually replace the Church’s Venturing program in 1983 and become a BSA program in 1984.

2017 — The Church drops Scouting’s Varsity and Venturing from its Young Men’s program for boys ages 14 through 17, effective Jan. 1, 2018.

Source: Deseret News Almanac, ChurchofJesusChrist.org and Deseret News archive