Elder Gong shares 4 doctrinal principles from the scriptures for healing and peace

In a series of videos on social media, Elder Gerrit W. Gong shares doctrines from the scriptures to personally relate to while seeking healing and peace from life’s trials

In January, at the beginning of a new year with many facing new opportunities and new obstacles, Elder Gerrit W. Gong of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles wrote on his Facebook and Instagram accounts that he would be sharing doctrinal principles over the following couple of months from the scriptures — principles “that we can personally relate to as we seek healing and peace from life’s trials,” he explained.

From Jan. 1 to Feb. 19, Elder Gong posted four videos with those doctrinal principles. “I pray these scriptural teachings will bless your life as you continue throughout this new year,” he said.

1. The Atonement and resurrection

On Jan. 1, Elder Gong’s first video spoke about how the Atonement is central in God’s plan of redemption and happiness.

“Jesus Christ, through His Atonement, promises to unite our spirit and body,” Elder Gong said.

Doctrine and Covenants 138:17 explains that the spirit and body will be united, never again to be divided, that they might receive a fullness of joy.

“God our Heavenly Father and His Beloved Son live. They offer peace, joy, and healing to each of us,” testified Elder Gong.

2. Christ’s grace and forgiveness

The second video, posted on Jan. 8, referenced Alma 12:15, which teaches that God is just in all His works and He is merciful unto the children of men.

“Atonement — ‘at-one-ment’ in Christ — comes as we exercise faith and bring forth fruits unto repentance,” Elder Gong said.

“Our joy becomes full as we feel Jesus Christ’s grace and forgiveness for us. And as we offer the miracle of His grace and forgiveness to each other, the mercy we receive and the mercy we offer can help make life’s injustices just.”

3. Temple ordinances and covenants

In his third video, posted on Feb. 7, Elder Gong said the Lord gives people divine opportunity to become more like Him as they offer proxy saving temple ordinances others need but cannot do for themselves.

“We become more complete and perfected as we become ‘saviors on Mount Zion,’ as it says in Obadiah 1:21,” Elder Gong said.

The Holy Spirit ratifies the ordinances and sanctifies both giver and receiver.

“Both giver and receiver can make and deepen transforming covenants, over time receiving the blessings promised Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,” Elder Gong said.

4. The Golden Rule

The fourth video, posted on Feb. 19, expounded upon the Golden Rule in Matthew 7:12.

“A sanctifying symmetry in repentance and forgiveness invites us each to offer others that which we ourselves need and desire,” Elder Gong said.

Sometimes, one’s willingness to forgive someone else enables both parties to believe they can repent and be forgiven. The Savior is the mediator with God, but He also brings each person to themselves and each other as they come to Him.

“Heaven can give us strength and wisdom beyond our own — to know when to hold on and how to let go. We’re less alone when we realize we’re not alone. Our Savior always understands,” Elder Gong said.

In his last post of the video series, Elder Gong also wrote:

“I hope these scriptural teachings have been helpful to you as you seek to follow Jesus Christ. May we draw closer to our Savior, and may He draw us to God and each other.”

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