Video: How Elder Cook says the roots of religious freedom provide ‘Protections for All’

Decades after his missionary service, Elder Quentin L. Cook shares from Oxford, England, his gratitude for centuries-old protections of freedom of religion

While on a ministry trip to England in fall 2021, Elder Quentin L. Cook of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles spoke of what he sees as the real meaning of religious freedom and the benefits that freedom provides to all people.

“You start off with Magna Carta and 1212,” Elder Cook reflected. “The churches would have freedom that they would be protected. And so, it was a precursor to other religious rights.”

In this Church News video, titled “Protections for All,” Elder Cook talks about the freedom of religion and the influence of his mission president in solidifying his career choice of becoming a lawyer.

“Freedom of religion isn’t just something that impacts certain people or can be used as a weapon. It isn’t that at all,” Elder Cook said. “Religious freedom is a protection for all people to promulgate the things that they believe in.”

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