Church members react on Instagram to President Nelson’s inspiring address at State Farm Stadium

President Russell M. Nelson spoke to a crowd of 65,000 in Phoenix, Arizona, on Sunday night at the State Farm Stadium. Inviting members of the Church to help “gather Israel on both sides of the veil," the devotional was the largest Church gathering in the state's history. Here’s what that visit meant to members of the Church who were able to attend the devotional, or who were watching from where it was broadcast live.

Prior to the devotional, many Latter-day Saints posted that they were looking forward to hearing President Nelson speak.

Skyler Horne had the opportunity to be with the prophet during a special question and answer session on Feb. 10 and shared his testimony about the event in an Instagram post.

Ruth Butler recorded a video of President Nelson speaking, showing footage of how the NFL stadium was “filled to the rafters.”

Families gathered to hear the prophet speak, some arriving well before the stadium was filled.

Many youth attending the devotional on Feb. 10 had some of the best seats in the house. During his address, President Oaks specifically addressed the youth, focusing his remarks on Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ.

“Our single best quality to characterize ourselves is that we are a son or daughter of God,” he said. “That fact overrides all other labels, including race, occupation, physical characteristics, honors or even religious affiliation.”

Summer Shay Allen wrote that she was especially uplifted by Sister Oaks’ and Sister Nelson’s talks and how they acted as “witnesses of our prophet.”

Church members commented on how large the gathering was on Sunday night, stating that it was the most Latter-day Saints they had ever seen in one place.

Instagrammer heather_setka shared a post saying she appreciated the opportunity to spend time as a family during the devotional.

Hearing President Nelson speak brought revelation to Church members who were able to listen to his address.

Not everyone was able to hear the prophet speak at the State Farm Stadium, but Church members expressed their gratitude for the opportunity to hear his message from other locations.