Living Faith

Meet the Tabernacle Choir member from the Philippines, plus other choir and orchestra members with strong ties to the country.

This week’s study guide includes writings of the prophet Isaiah as recorded by Nephi.

Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra members learn about U.S., Philippine ties at Manila American Cemetery and Memorial in between performances and rehearsals during tour to Philippines. Plus see photos of rehearsal for sacred music concert.

Marcos Efrén Zariñana’s ability to crawl into places that others couldn’t reach earned him the nickname la Pulga, “the Flea.” His story is of being in the right place at the right time, Lloyd Newell observes in this week’s “Music & the Spoken Word” with The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.

Learn about recent donations from the Church to hospitals and health care organizations in Cambodia, Guam, Mongolia and the Philippines.

At the Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra’s first concert of its Philippine tour, Elder Neil L. Andersen noted talents and dedication of audience and performers.

See how YSAs have gathered around the world from Cambodia to Africa.

Speaking to more than 100 gathered in the Church History Museum auditorium, Elder Kyle S. McKay, a General Authority Seventy, explored several key historic events of Church history to show a pattern of continued revelation in the restoration of the gospel.

Elder Andersen teaches elementary school students about family, President Lund tells ‘outcast’ young men that the Lord has blessings for them, Sister Wright posts about ‘seeing’ others.

Cox, a Republican, took the stage with Democratic Gov. Wes Moore of Maryland to discuss repairing breaches in civic life.

The Tabernacle Choir Philippines Tour begins with youth performing traditional dances. This is the second stop on the "Hope" tour and the choir's first time in the Philippines.

“In a world with a lot of walls, we need to continue to build bridges,” said Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf while standing at the U.S.-Mexico border prior to the McAllen Texas Temple dedication.

“Believe that God knows your struggles and will send miracles,” said Sarah Jane Weaver, executive editor of the Church News, during a BYU–Hawaii devotional.

The Tabernacle Choir and Orchestra will be performing in Florida and in Atlanta, Georgia, in September 2024 for the next stops on its multiyear “Hope” tour.

TV’s Suzi Entrata-Abrera and Paolo Abrera and singers Lea Salonga and Ysabelle Cuevas will perform with the Tabernacle Choir Feb. 27-28 in Manila, Philippines.

The General Authority Seventy met with the French Polynesia Minister of Solidarity and the Family on Feb. 2.

Elder Robert S. Wood, an 87-year-old emeritus General Authority Seventy, reflected on two decades of service at the U.S. Naval War College and with Church Military Relations.

This week’s study guide includes Jacob’s teachings to the Nephites.

Six years ago, Latter-day Saint missionaries started a weekly interfaith devotional to give sailors a spiritual boost at Naval Station Newport in Rhode Island. Since then the event has grown and continued to bless lives.

It takes a change in perspective to see that “every day in your life is a special occasion,” Lloyd Newell observes in this week’s “Music & the Spoken Word” with The Tabernacle Choir at Temple Square.

President Nelson asks members to follow the two great commandments, Relief Society leaders invite women to their upcoming devotional, Elder Christofferson teaches repentance and Elder Rasband ministers in Maui

Successful relationships are created through intentional effort, not by discovering the mythical “one,” said lead researcher Jason Carroll.

The 10 Million Names project will build a free database that encompasses the Transatlantic Slave Trade period.

Kristin Chenoweth, award-winning actress and singer, will share her family story and showcase her famous soprano voice with a few musical performances at RootsTech 2024.

Events held in January helped local Church members share traditions and learn more about using FamilySearch.

Elder Evan A. Schmutz shared three personal habits to help individuals prepare for a joyful return to their heavenly home.

“Regardless of our country, nation, culture or language, always remember that prospering means more than just receiving material things,” said Elder Ricardo P. Giménez.

This week’s study guide includes Nephi’s writings about delighting in the scriptures and his lament about his weaknesses.

Six months after deadly fires destroyed a whole town, survivors talk about the miracles they have seen since the Lahaina tragedy and how they have changed.