New York Times calls Church’s Utah movie set a ‘Mini-Hollywood,’ but with these key differences

The Church’s Motion Picture Studio South Campus — or the “Jerusalem Movie Set” in Goshen, Utah — has been getting national attention lately.

An article from The New York Times on Sunday, Oct. 13, highlights the Church’s broad media reach. From producers to editors to animators, the set is “its own little Hollywood in the mountains” — only without the R-ratings, New York Times writer Elizabeth A. Harris wrote.

Most recently filmed in the “Jerusalem Movie Set” are the Book of Mormon videos, which have been released weekly on Fridays since Sept. 20.

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at the filming of the Book of Mormon videos series

But The New York Times article doesn’t end there. Giving a nod to the Church’s Bible videos, commercials, TV and movie productions that are filmed in Utah, the Church has created it’s own “ecosystem” for faith-affirming content, Harris reported.

Scott Smiley, director of film and video for the Church, stated in the article that, first and foremost, the productions strive to bring others closer to the Savior.

“The goal of all of our productions is to create messages that invite all of God’s children to follow Jesus Christ,” he said. “That goes from parking lot maintenance videos all the way to the Bible and Book of Mormon videos.

“Really,” he added, “that means to act as He acted.”

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